Analyse your social media better with Sotrender

Make the most of your Page with Sotrender!

Are you (or still can be) a part of Sotrender and think you know everything about our tool? Well, we’re here to surprise you. Today we’re going to show you how can you use our old features in a new way, analysing and improving things that you thought you could. You may have avoided or […]

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Twitter in the UK - Summary for 2016

Twitter in the UK – Summary of 2016

Another year has come to a close, bring a lot of changes in the world of social media. 2016 was an interesting year for Twitter in the UK because it was mostly dominated by music, with one group in particular outperforming the rest. News sources also had a successful year, being the most active and […]

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What is Quora and why does it matter in marketing?

Content is king… but that doesn’t really mean that’s all you need. Being a recognized expert in a particular industry is a status that everyone would love to have! That’s why your marketing and promotion activities shouldn’t be limited to sending newsletters and posting on Facebook. One thing you should definitely take into consideration is […]

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