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6 Lessons You Can Learn From Analyzing eSports Brands on Social Media

Have you ever wondered what lessons you can learn from analyzing eSports brands on Social Media? We’re here to tell you what you can take away from observing posting patterns, user engagement and marketing strategies these brands use on Facebook. We took some of the biggest eSports organizations’ profiles:  14 Teams, 14 Casters & Analysts, […]

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PTAT metric, new reporting workflow and menu – check latest changes in Sotrender

As you may (or even should) know, we’ve shut down old Sotrender for good. We’ve been focusing all our efforts into making the app the best version it can possibly be. It’s more comfortable, effective, and easier now than ever before. In the latest update, we refurbished the menu and navigation, introduced some new metrics, […]

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How to grow your Instagram profile naturally?

Growing your Instagram profile and reaching your business goals is not the walk in the park that it used to be. The simple and well known #followforfollow might have worked in the short-term, but when if that’s all you relied on, your profile just didn’t do enough. It would take a long time to get real […]

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