Interested in Becoming a Sotrender Contributor?

Do you have excellent writing skills and want to share your expertise in social media management and digital marketing?

If so, then we’d love to hear from you and have your guest post on the Sotrender blog!

However, before you submit your post, please note we won’t accept articles that don’t cover a topic in depth. Please ensure your post provides unique findings like case studies, research, interviews, and real-life examples.

The process of getting your article published

  1. Inform us of your credentials and experience.
  2. Provide us with your previous publications from other sites.
  3. Since we are now testing a particular approach to content strategy, it is likely that we will offer you some topic ideas together with keywords we want to focus on.
  4. If we agreed on the topic, please provide an outline of the draft to make sure that the article flows smoothly.
  5. We will provide suggestions and edits to the draft for you to alter.
  6. Publication!

Our requirements

  • Contributors that work with social media, marketing, analytics, community management, social customer care/service, and moderation. This is a must, as we want trusted and accredited professionals to provide their insights. Bloggers without experience will not be accepted.
  • Choose one of the topics that we suggest, send us outlines and explain how exactly you’d want to approach them.
  • Remember that your article needs to address a specific problem and offer a proper solution.
  • Provide new, interesting knowledge that would resonate with our buyer personas – the social media managers of different levels.
  • Longer articles tend to rank higher so make sure that your article word count is at least 1500 words.
  • Add two or three contextual links to the Sotrender blog in your article.
  • Please include in the article a reference to Sotrender or Sotrender Ads (at least one paragraph).
  • Don’t forget adding a few links to external – high quality and helpful – sources (the minimum DR is 50). Please note that we do not accept links to writing services and similar sites.
  • Remember to include charts, videos or graphics that reflect what you’re talking about. And always ensure they are of good quality. Do not use stock photos in the text.
  • Use the Hemingway app to control your language level and aim for 6th grade. We prefer simple sentence structure so please avoid run-on sentences.
  • In case you aren’t an English native speaker, please proofread your content before you submit it. Sending business articles with errors is not professional.
  • Your introduction must have a clear thesis and a conclusion that summarizes the whole text.

How do you submit your blog post?

Send your submission here:

We will get back to you soon. Just know that sometimes it may take a couple of days.

When you get a green light for the topic, we will ask you to share the article in the form of Google Docs. Make sure to assign us to edit access so we can comment and suggest any changes.

Once we decide to publish your article, please send us:

  • A short meta description of your article that will display in the SERPs
  • Your short bio
  • Your social media links
  • Your website link
    Note: We reserve the right to decide which external links will be included and which links will be labeled as dofollow.
  • Make sure to create and send us your Gravatar account and the email that’s attached to it.

And there you have it! You can always message us for clarification on any of these points.

Above all, thank you for your interest in Sotrender! We look forward to seeing your articles on our blog!

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