There are two different options for creating a Facebook advertisement — the Facebook ads creator and the Power Editor. If you’re a beginner in Facebook advertising, use the Facebook ads creator (Power Editor is better for more advanced users).  If you want to start your promotion campaign, you need to follow these steps:

How to start advertising on Facebook


  • Creating an ad account
    Before you promote anything, you have to create an ad account. You need to provide info about your country of residence, currency you will use to pay, and your time zone. You have to first top-up your account using your credit card. Remember that you cannot change this information in the future, so make sure everything is correct.

    How to start advertising on Facebook
  • Campaign creation.
    a. Choose ‘post boosting’ as your campaign. There are plenty of other options, but start with this one for now.
    b. Target your ad campaign. You can target users by their interests, their country, region, or city of residence, age and gender, relationship status, education, workplace, and even their behavior on the internet. More about targeting your ads here.
    How to start advertising on Facebook
    c. Choose a budget.
    d. Create images for your ad, according to the dimensions and designs recommended by Facebook.
  • Check and order your campaign.

Before ordering your campaign, you have one last chance to edit it. Remember that you can’t edit promoted posts. You have to stop promotion before editing them, so it’s better to check everything twice.

Start analyzing your Facebook performance

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