You’re ready to start making Facebook ads but you’re not sure how to actually set them up yourself. No worries! We’ve prepared this article to teach you how to start advertising on Facebook to easily meet your business goals.

Let’s get started!

How to start advertising on Facebook: step-by-step

Familiarize yourself with Business Suite and Ads Manager

You can create Facebook Ads in a few different ways. You can go through the Business Suite route (which will take you to Ad Center) or through Ads Manager. Either way, the ad creation process is guided so that you won’t miss out on putting in any important information.

manage facebook page options

Options available to manage your Facebook Page

Actually, it’s easy to get confused when you want to open a specific ad tool on Facebook. They have Ads Manager, Ad Center, and you can also access Ad Center through Business Suite, so the options on your left-hand side might confuse you at first. Over time, you’ll understand the difference for sure.

Here’s how it will look when you open Ad Center directly.

get started facebook ad center

Getting started with Facebook Ad Center

If you aren’t familiar with it, we suggest choosing the Get Started option. However, if you feel that you’ll manage with our own guidance, then just click Create Ad to get started.

Decided to go through the Business Suite route? Even if you’re already using Business Suite, it doesn’t hurt to know how to create an ad there. Once again, you’ll find the Ad Center on the left-hand side. It should open up a whole new overview. You’ll notice a highly contrasted Create Ad button.

facebook business suite ads

Ad Center in Business Suite – overview

create an ad in facebook ads manager

Facebook Ads Manager overview

Now you’ll have to click on the button to get started! Here’s what you can expect in campaign creation.

Campaign creation

Let’s say you wanted to promote one of your previous posts. It was your best-performing post, and it was especially engaging among your followers. It makes sense to promote it to your future followers, too!

Choose ‘post boosting’ as your campaign. There are plenty of other options but let’s start with this one for now. 😉

Target your ad campaign. You can target users by their interests, location, age, gender, psychographic features, and even their behavior on the internet. You can learn more about Facebook ad targeting features in our other Knowledge Base article.
How to start advertising on Facebook
Next, you’ll have to set your budget. There are many ideas on how to properly set up your ad budget

And the last step is to create images for your ad, according to the dimensions and designs recommended by Facebook.

Now you can check and order your campaign! But before you order the campaign, make sure that everything looks as you want it to. Remember that you can’t edit promoted posts, only resubmit an ad and hope it’ll be approved. You have to stop the promotion before editing them, so it’s better to check everything twice.

Start analyzing your Facebook performance

Don’t forget about analyzing your Facebook ad results! This is the last step in the process, but we promise you it’s a crucial step. It’ll be significantly easier to make changes and optimize your Facebook ads later on.

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