5 Ways to Create Engaging Video Content for Social Media

Are you wondering how to create engaging video content? In this article, we’ll go over some of the things you can do to create video content that will keep your audience invested.

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Preview: Website Planet’s Interview with Jan Zając

We’re happy to announce that Sotrender’s CEO, Jan Zając, has been interviewed by Website Planet’s Marko Velimirović! As a company that is invested in bringing you closer to automating your marketing and analytical tasks, we wanted to share Jan’s knowledge and insights in the interview.

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ux analytics

UX Analytics 101: What is UX Analytics, Why It’s Needed, & How to Use It

The success of every product depends on how well it fulfills the needs of its users. Creating a positive and useful experience for your end-users is the best strategy there is to gain their trust and loyalty.

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