12 myths about how Instagram and its algorithm work

How Instagram’s algorithm works is still a bit of a mystery for many Instagram users. But Instagram recently provided some answers to clear things up. And even if it seems trivial to some, being aware of the algorithm and understanding how it works is crucial. This is especially true if you want to achieve satisfying […]

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Maximize your marketing results by increasing engagement on Facebook

Post less, boost your top posts, experiment with new content, host giveaways… Do these sound familiar to you?  These are a few of the important strategies for increasing engagement on Facebook.

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How to Use Social Media for Local SEO Success

It’s no secret that local businesses should be active on social media in 2020. That said, the impact of social media on local SEO often gets swept under the rug. That’s because the connection between social media and search rankings hasn’t always been crystal clear.

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