What is a social media analytics tool and why should you use it?

In the times when businesses are competing for attention in social media, there’s a growing need for social media analytics. With billions of users and a huge number of companies aiming to promote their businesses effectively, achieving visibility in social media is harder than ever. Here comes a social media analytics tool which can help […]

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8 social media trends for 2022 and beyond

With the current impact of marketing on brand and product growth, companies have come up with new strategies to improve and expand their operations. Social media users are growing day by day and so is their time spent on various social media platforms.

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Get 50% off Sotrender during Black Friday

2021 is slowly coming to an end and we’re fairly certain that you know what’s ahead. The biggest sale day is just around the corner! At Sotrender, we want Black Friday to last even longer, so our offer will be valid on Cyber Monday as well!

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