20 Strategies to Create Successful Content When Social Media Engagement is Declining

Many companies are currently facing a decline in social media engagement. According to last year’s Convince and Convert report, social media engagement only across the U.S. has dropped 4%, while previously it was reported to have grown 7.7% over 9 years. 

This is a significant drop in social media engagement, and marketers all over the world are looking for social media engagement ideas to reverse it. 

Any drop is social media engagement indicates that users aren’t fully satisfied with the content, which is why we are going to take a look at several strategies to create successful content when social media engagement is declining.

Strategy #1: Give Videos a Try. 

With more than 5 billion videos being watched on YouTube on the daily, video marketing is a great idea for any brand that wants to compel its readers and give them interesting content that will capture their attention for longer. 

In general, videos are easy to produce and depending on your niche, a few online video editing courses can help you make great content which will make your audience a lot more interested. 

For platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, video content is quite popular among brands and there are many different types of videos you can create in order to increase your audience’s engagement.  

This section will contain video marketing stats to compel the readers, stats how videos perform on each of social media platforms in terms of engagement, and the rules to follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter regarding video content. 

Start analyzing your social media performance

Strategy #2: Broadcast Live. 

Live broadcasts on different social media platforms can help you not only increase your engagement with your audience but also help you attract new followers to your pages. Each and every platform has made the option of going live a lot easier and all you will have to worry about is finding interesting content to broadcast.

Depending on your niche and also the interests of your audience, you can broadcast anything from any events you are hosting to live footage from your production facilities for your products or even a Q&A with your employees in your office space.

Content that is made at the moment usually performs the best in regards to engagement as it allows the audience a sneak peek into your daily life as a brand. Therefore, it helps you give a more personal look to your page that will help your audience bond with you more and therefore boost social media engagement organically. 

Strategy #3: It’s Story Time. 

The story section of the various social media platforms is a great feature you can use to your advantage at any time. The story feature allows you to post both images and videos taken at a live time or pre-made content you have prepared and edited in advance.

Stories on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have become a big thing and most brands like to update their stories on a daily basis so they are able to keep in touch with their followers. A good thing about the stories is that they can be split into shorter videos which the audience can watch separately, rewind or share on their own pages too.

Different to the live broadcast feature, the contents of your stories don’t have to revolve just around one topic. You can easily share anything you believe your audience will live and respond to, even if each image or video isn’t presenting a certain continuation.

Similar to what the other platforms have to offer, many influencers and brands also use Snapchat as a means of keeping in touch with their audience. Snapchat offers a lot of different fun filters and it’s easy to use as it mainly relies on audiovisual content you can create on the spot.

Another big advantage of the stories is that your audience is able to reach out to you via direct messages and let you know their thoughts on whatever you post. This can feel more personal than a simple comment under one of your posts and you replying to them regularly will help you build a stronger relationship which will boost engagement.

Strategy #4: Start Your TV Channel…On IGTV. 

The IGTV feature on Instagram is a great way for you to post longer videos which will consist of any topic you wish. The regular upload time that is allowed by Instagram is 1 minute, but the IGTV feature allows you to upload videos which are up to an hour-long.

This can help you create videos showcasing new products, creating tutorials and other types of videos your audience will enjoy. The best way to increase your engagement with this feature is to actively ask for your audience’s feedback on the videos as well as suggestions on what they wish to see next.

It is a good idea to mention the usernames of the people who recommended a certain idea, as this will help motivate more people to comment for a chance of getting featured. You will also have to put less effort into coming up with ideas your followers will truly enjoy.

Strategy #5: Create Instagram Story Highlights. 

Your Instagram stories will stay active on your profile for 24 hours and they can easily be viewed by your audience during that time. In the past, after these 24 hours passed, the stories would disappear, but Instagram now gives its users the chance to keep an archive of their stories and also feature them on their profile pages through shortcuts. 

IG Highlights will help you save your most important stories regarding announcements, new launches of your brand and other events. This all-time access to your Instagram stories will help you focus more on creating new content for your page and simply referring your audience to your Highlights and interact with them whenever they have any further questions regarding past stories.

Strategy #6: Start a YouTube Channel. 

A great way of sharing your audiovisual content online is through a YouTube channel. If you have already spent time and effort into creating videos for your other social media platforms, YouTube can be a great aid in achieving your social media engagement ideas. 

With 2 billion active monthly YouTube users and 5 billion videos watched on a daily basis, you will easily be able to attract the right audience to your videos.  By using the right tags in the “about section” of your video, YouTube will be able to recommend your videos to the right viewers.

On top of the abundance of daily users, YouTube also makes it easy for its users to share their content on their social media pages. It is also very easy for you to link your pages both on your video through pop-ups which will lead your viewers to the right outbound links on your social media pages.

Additionally, YouTube has one of the most active comment sections in the online platforms. By taking the time to reply to comments regularly and keep the conversations going with your audience, you will build stronger relationships and increase their engagement easily, as they will be more likely to follow your social media pages.

Strategy #7: Collaborate with Influencers. 

Collaborations have been a big thing on various social media platforms for a while and Influencers are usually the main promoters of these activities. With large followings of loyal fans and a strong online presence, influencers have become a big part of the success of many businesses

Marketing your brand through the help of an influencer will help you not only gain access to their audience but it will also allow you to appear more trustworthy online. The latter part is mainly due to the fact that the audience of most influencers fully trusts their reviews and their recommendations of products and services.

Depending on your niche, there are different people you can work with and promote your online content and your products or services. There are also plenty of different marketing ideas you can try with your chosen influencer in order to see which of them help you achieve the best levels of engagement with your online audience. 

Strategy #8: Invest in User-Generated Content. 

User-generated content (UGC) or otherwise known as user-created content is any type of content online users, in this case, your followers, have posted on various social media platforms you are using. The content can be anything from videos, images, and pieces of text, which you will be able to then repost and use on your page after giving the appropriate accreditation. 

A good example of user-generated content online can be found through many artwork competitions influencers host online. For example, an influencer will create a hashtag and encourage their followers to create artwork based on the page of the influencer. The influencer will then pick some of the best submissions and display them on their profile.

This strategy will help you gain a lot of new followers, especially if you combine it with a giveaway for the winners. It will also increase the engagement on your page as more people will comment on the things you repost and follow you to see the results.

Strategy #9: Hold Contests. 

Apart from hosting contests based on user-generated content, it is also a good idea to hold contests such as giveaways with much simpler instructions and steps in order to win. One of the simplest things you can do is host giveaways with influencers and to ask your followers to simply like, share the post on their pages and tag their friends in the comment section of the contest post.

Such contests are beneficial both for your audience, who will have a chance at winning something nice for free but also for you, as you will come to see that the comments and engagement on your posts will skyrocket in a very short amount of time.

Strategy #10: Try Streaming on Twitch. 

Twitch might not be a platform that will benefit every single niche and business, but it is definitely worth giving a try. Twitch can be a platform which you can dedicate to live streams where you can answer questions and spend time with your followers.

The content you create for this platform doesn’t have to be well-thought and usually most people who stream simply ask their audience for suggestions on topics to talk about and things to do.  Twitch also offers a subscription service for those who wish to follow your streams, so you can make an extra profit from this platform as well.

Strategy #11: LinkedIn: A Professional Way to Promote Your Brand. 

One of the best uses of LinkedIn for your online brand is to use it as a platform for your blogging activities. While you might have a section for your written content on your website, LinkedIn is a much more professional platform which will help you attract not only new readers but also followers who will truly be interested in the development of your online presence.

LinkedIn can also help you come in contact with other companies in your industry and even allow you to find people who will later on become great assets to your company.

Strategy #12: Interactive Content: Generators and Calculators. 

Interactive content is different types of content which encourage your audience to engage with your posts more. In general, interactive content is more effective than regular content is as it makes their interaction with your content a lot more fun and enables them to think and process information a lot quicker and more effectively.

Content generators and calculators are great social media engagement ideas to create interactive content which will entice your customers to make the final purchase while also helping them see the real value of their choices in regards to your brand

These pieces of interactive content are easily shareable on social media and can show even more of your followers why putting their trust in your products and services is a good idea.

Strategy #13: Interactive Content: eBooks, Graphs and Infographics. 

This is one of the ways in which you can share valuable content with your followers while also reaching much-needed social media engagement. Ideas you may have about articles, posts about trending topics, interviews with prominent industry experts and others can be incorporated into a plethora of shareable interactive content types. You can also take it a step further a create a flipbook, which in addition to interactive content, will provide you with an engaging, real page-turning effect.

Graphs and infographics, on the other hand, can provide your followers with interactive, up-to-date information about trending topics, valuable brand marketing data, statistics in regard to sales or use of your products, etc. These will not only boost your social engagement but also allow you to build brand awareness and industry authority while spending little-to-no resources on the initiative.

Strategy #14: Interactive Content: Polls and Tests

Polls and tests on your social media pages are a great way for you to increase your engagement through content which is relatively easy to produce. Almost every social media page offers the option for creating a poll or tests through their posts. Facebook was one of the first platforms to introduce the polls option on their platform and it has seen been used by users on a daily basis.

Adobe’s Creative Types Personality Quiz

Your polls can include anything from different choices for naming a new product to having your audience choose between ideas for an upcoming project or social media post. A test you can easily create can be in the form of short videos on your Instagram Stories, where you can ask questions in regards to your brand and see who knows more facts about your business. 

Strategy #15: Interactive Content: Responsive Videos. 

YouTube is arguably one of the biggest and most prominent players on the video content market. As such, the inclusion of YouTube as an interactive content tool for your social media engagement makes sense both from a marketing and accessibility standpoint. So-called responsive videos will allow you to embed YouTube content into your website, social media pages and other marketing channels with very little impact on your SEO or load times. 

For example, including a brief-yet-informative video about social media marketing in your social media engagement blog post as a responsive video will ensure that your content comes off as more rich, varied and informative

Like with previous strategies, responsive videos will also engage users on an active level and ask them to interact with your content, leading to better lead generation and traffic whether you use in-house created YouTube content or rely on an industry professional for some much-needed assistance (with attribution).

Strategy #16: Blog Content: Guides and How-To-Tutorials. 

The success of any blog heavily relies on the effort the creator puts into sharing its content through social media. The connection between these two platforms is undeniable and by choosing the right types of blog content to create for your brand, you can easily increase your audience’s engagement.

When it comes to different types of successful online content which can help promote social media engagement, guides and how-to tutorials are definitely at the top of the list. The main reason for their success is because they are very easy to go through, they are informative and they help the reader keep up with the new information they are being presented with easily.

On top of that, they are also easy to create and won’t require you to spend hours doing research in order to compile them. The only thing you should keep in mind though is to always proofread and edit these types of posts, since they can run rather long and end up being confusing for you to polish.

Strategy #17: Blog Content: Controversial Topics. 

When it comes to writing about controversial topics, you need to be prepared that not everyone is going to agree with your sayings or support your opinions. Topics such as natural disasters and political issues and news will always gather different opinions and by speaking your own, you can create a way to start interesting discussions with your online audience. 

It is very important to always be respectful of everyone you come across and to make sure that you motivate your audience to share their thoughts on the topic with you on their social media pages or on your blog. This will greatly benefit your engagement statistics and help you create successful content which will not only be more personal but also more successful online.

Strategy #18: Blog Content: Interviews. 

Interviews are a great way for you to come in contact with different online brands and influencers but to also attract a bigger audience which will be motivated to read your posts thanks to the people you collaborate with.

There are different types of interviews you can create on your blogs and you can even use them as a way to promote your products online. All you have to do is to give a few free products to a few influencers and then interview them based on their experiences with using your products or services.

On top of this, interviews are very easy to share on social media platforms and when people see an influencer or a brand they are following online appear on your page, they will be much more likely to engage with your posts and follow your accounts. 

Strategy #19: Blog Content: Shareable Content. 

More than anything, your content should be shareable, meaning that it should entice readers into sharing it with their social circles. This effect can be achieved in several ways, including calls to action embedded into the blog content, well-formatted articles which encourage skimming or high-quality writing overall. 

A great example of social media engagement ideas can be found on PickUpLimes, a website dedicated to healthy nutrition. Even though the content itself is curated and professionally formatted, the real meat and potatoes of social media engagement are found in the website’s subtle social media icons embedded throughout.

Source: Pick Up Limes

Interacting with these icons will lead you to the creator’s Instagram page among other platforms, allowing for further social media engagement. The same tactic can be applied in your own blog to create successful content and publishing, so make sure to include as many “sharing” options for your followers as possible to see those engagement numbers grow.

Strategy #20: Blog Content: Expert Advice and Case Studies. 

Whether your brand is an established industry player or you are only beginning to build your reputation as a professional business, linking your content to trusted sources, experts, and case studies is always welcome. This strategy is especially important if you cover topics which revolve around numeric or empirical data, falling into categories such as finance, industry surveys, market changes, and other data which should never be taken at face value. 

Brad Mondo on YouTube

For example, stating that 60% of experts agree that social media engagement is more important than SEO optimization should be accompanied by a case study or an expert-backed research article adding credibility to your claims. 

This tactic will ensure that you build brand awareness, business authority and social media engagement in equal measure, while also making sure that your content is genuine and relevant to the industry at large. Most importantly, it will boost your website’s traffic due to higher content engagement and willingness of B2C and B2B stakeholders to reach out for further engagement.

Increasing your social media engagement through the right strategies

When you come to notice that your social media engagement is decreasing, the very first thing you will most likely do is blame the way you share your content on your pages. In most cases, the content itself is what is to blame. 

These 20 strategies will help you get a better understanding of how to create better quality content and to also find the best ways to share it online with your audience in order to reach your engagement goals.

Start analyzing your social media performance

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