Have you ever wondered if Sotrender’s solutions are suitable for your company? Will they suit all your needs and challenges you have every single day? And if you actually need social media analytical tool?

We’re proudly introducing new article series in which we’ll present you, our customers. Customers, who are very diverse – single brands, which individually run their social media channels; medium and big agencies, which are handling the social media channels of big international companies and corporations; but also media houses or creative agencies. How do they use Sotrender in their daily work? Which functions and features are most useful for them? Why did they decide to start using a social media analytical tool?

Let’s find out by starting with a small conversation with one of our first customers…

Justyna Dzieduszyca, 121PR

Justyna Dzieduszyca, 121PR

How long have you been our client?
Since the very beginning of Sotrender actually! We’ve been cooperating with Sotrender, using its solutions both when it comes to paid and custom reports and the tool itself, since 2011.

Why did you decide to start using Sotrender?
We were looking for a tool in which we’d have access to data about the Facebook Pages we run, but presented in a convenient, clear, and transparent way. Obviously we were also considering the prices, and comparing them to other international solutions, and Sotrender was more affordable for us. Another important thing which cleared our minds about using Sotrender was the Comparison feature, which enables us to compare our profiles to competitors.
Before we decided on Sotrender, we had a chance to cooperate with Jan Zając and Dominik Batorski on a research project and this cooperation proved to us that the data provided by Sotrender is 100% reliable and their methodology is also right.

What do you value the most in Sotrender?
Quite many things actually! We really appreciate how flexible an approach you have. Customer service is always ready to talk and meet with us, explain whatever is not clear and respond to our needs. And our plan meets the expectations we have perfectly!
Apart from the tool, we also value a wide range of additional possibilities when it comes to gathering data from social media, e.g. Share of Voice analysis, export of comments, paid and custom reports and other social media analysis.
For example, in February, 2018 we presented a report based on research of polish cosmetic brands on Facebook and Instagram, which we conducted with Sotrender for one of our customers.

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Which social media channels do you analyze the most often?
Definitely Facebook Pages

What is your most favourite feature in Sotrender app?
Competitors comparison

Which 3 metrics in Sotrender do you check daily?

  1. Number of engaged users
  2. Interactivity Index
  3. Reach

Which feature do you use most often?
Certainly reporting at the end of each month to present our customers what we recently achieved when it comes to their Facebook Page and if the chosen direction and created strategy were right.
We also often use communication strategy to tag content with appropriate labels, which enables us later to analyze and verify how engagement and reach looked in each category (e.g. for specific product or group of products) in a selected time period.

What is the biggest advantage you see in using Sotrender?
It saves a lot of time! Apart from that the data is very clearly and well-visualised, which makes it easy to use further.

How did using Sotrender change the quality and effectiveness of your social media campaigns and your overall performance?
Many times we changed a previously created strategy based on data and metrics provided by Sotrender to achieve better engagement. Competitors comparison also helps to modify, if needed, strategies and action plans.

What did you achieve by using the monitoring and analyzing your competitors feature in Sotrender?
We now know how we can adjust and improve our activities based on, and compared to, what our competitors do.

Who would you recommend Sotrender to?
Everyone who is professionally handling social media marketing activities on Facebook.

Analyze your social media efforts with our 2-week free trial!

121PR is a social media agency, currently having approx. 30 professionals on board. Among their customers are e.g. L’Oréal, Nestlé, Polpharma and Spectrum Brands. 121PR takes care of creating strategy and preparing creations, content planning, monitoring and analyzing social media performance, paid social campaigns. The agency also cooperates with the Internet community.


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