Sotrender, the social media analytics SaaS tool, recently underwent some major changes. The tool’s got new looks, new features, and a brand new data gathering and storage mechanism.

What is Sotrender

Sotrender is a tool that analyzes activities on four social channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It’s a SaaS tool designed for social media professionals, brand owners, digital agencies. With Sotrender, analyze your own profiles, your audience, behaviors, and interactions with the your brand’s communication. On top of that, learn about the communication strategy of your competitors. Sotrender provides automated, customized tips based on machine learning and our own database of thousands of social media profiles. Over the past seven years, Sotrender has gathered over 17 TB of data and stores it all on Microsoft Azure servers.

Some features have changed. Refer to our most recent product update here!

Brand new Sotrender

Half a year ago, Sotrender went through major changes. We introduced a brand new look and mechanism for data gathering. The new look is based on our clients needs and focuses on Sotrender’s most beloved features, offering a much clearer experience for new users. We also changed the way we store and process data, speeding up the application. Microsoft Azure was an immeasurably valuable tool in testing the architecture of the new app.

Sotrender’s new features

A look into Instagram automatic reports in Sotrender

A look into Instagram automatic reports

One of Sotrender’s most appreciated and used features are our automated reports. Users design, prepare, and these reports create with just a few clicks. Recently, Sotrender broadened the full array of our reports, adding comparison reports for Facebook Pages (in .pdf format) and editable .pptx reports for Facebook Pages. Each type of report is fully customizable (add your own logo, choose desired report range, etc.) and covers the most important metrics for your social media.

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