Improve your Facebook posts’ reach with new Sotrender tips

Sotrender not only means precise social media data analytics and instant reporting. It also means automated data-driven tips, providing instant data interpretation without the need to analyze charts and numbers. Starting today, Sotrender’s tips include information about reach based on Facebook Insights data. See what is the reach of your posts, get to know how to improve it, and check who you reach with your communication.

Sotrender’s automated tips are useful for small and medium businesses, which don’t have to spend extra money on data analysis. For agencies and bigger enterprises the tips create a possibility to optimize existing customer service procedures and improve the efficiency of activities without expensive and complicated audits. Beginning social media managers will find in our tips a source of knowledge about successful social media profiles management, because they easily and quickly verify profile correctness. As our analysis shows, following the advice from Sotrender’s tips improves profiles efficiency by almost 30%!

You can find the new tips in two tabs featured in Tips main menu: Reach and Audience.

New set of tips in Sotrender

New set of tips in Sotrender

Sotrender’s tips + Facebook Insights

Facing the falling of posts reach, the fight for the best possible visibility of published content is becoming the key aspect of running activities on Facebook. To make this uneven fight easier, we give you a new set of automated tips based on Facebook Insights data. You can now check what the possible causes of poor reach of your posts are and see, how to improve it. From now on you can also see, how efficient your promotional campaigns are. Preparing the tips, we focused mainly on conversion of paid reach on the enagement of users, which is one of the key performance indicators of social media activities efficiency.

New set of Sotrender's tips - reach

New set of Sotrender’s tips – reach

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Negative feedback and demographics in Sotrender’s tips

New tips take into account negative feedback, which enables even more precise analysis of the content audience. You will find it in the “Engagement” tab in the Tips menu. It helps you react faster in a potentially crisis situation by capturing a single negative feedback from users. Prevent crises rather than solve them.

New set of Sotrenders tips - engagement

New set of Sotrenders tips – engagement

Additionally, the new tips include demographics to much higher degree. Taking into account specific audiences allows you to fine-tune your content.

New set of Sotrenders tips - audience

New set of Sotrenders tips – audience

We are still improving our automated tips to make them more precise so that they include more aspects of social media profiles functioning. Yet, it’s only one of many Sotrender features. The tool underwent true metamorphosis in last weeks. We have changed its page and dashboard (here we have added several new features). We have also rebuilt our payment system and introduced new, better pricing with a brand being now basic unit of account. In the same time, we’re working on analytics panel for Instagram and many new features we will introduce soon. Now, feel invited to test new tips on reach and audience!

!Update from 9th of May 2017: new pricing is available. Read also about latest changes and features.

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