Actionable tips for Facebook marketing in Sotrender

We are proud to announce important updates in Sotrender: new layout of data-driven tips and new set of tips related to customer service in social media! Data-driven recommendations are one of the most important directions of developing Sotrender. Your feedback, as well as analyses carried by Sotrender Research Team have already proved their value,  so we will keep working on them. Today we’re introducing a set of new recommendations related to customer service, as well as their new organization and layout.

Sotrender tips for social media customer service

Our new tips are related to one of the most important aspects of social media presence of brands – customer service. A few weeks ago we introduced several functionalities that help analyze and optimize this aspect. Now we’re going one step forward and introduce brand new data-driven tips for social media customer service. Thanks to them you will learn whether you react fast enough to satisfy your users, how many mentions have been left unanswered, on which days you react the most efficiently and which aspect you should improve. Our recommendations will enable you to track all the activities in a very simple and time-saving way. At the same time you will precisely know on which days and hours you should pay more attention.

Sotrender - tips for customer service in social media

Sotrender – tips for customer service in social media

New layout of Sotrender tips

Since today our recommendations are easier to find, bigger and more visible. With simple calls to action we’ve highlighted the main message of every tip, at the same time providing also a link to relevant data and explanation of every recommendation.

Actionable tips in Sotrender

Actionable recommendations in Sotrender

In a separate bookmark you will find all the tips for every profile you track in Sotrender.

Sotrender - Actionable tips

Sotrender – Actionable tips

In order to make the use of our recommendations ever easier (even though it was really difficult to make it easier, trust us! ;)), we organised them into improved categories: Engaging, Content, Customer Service and Profile.

Sotrender - tips - categories

Sotrender – tips – categories

Moreover, tips concerning aspects you should improve, are more visible now in a separate tab.

Sotrender - tips - to improve

Sotrender – tips – to improve

Automated interpretation of data – new era in data analysis?

Are you wondering why our tips are so special and why we’re making so much noise about them? It’s all about the algorithm what adjusts itself to current results of the profile. All the tips are data-driven which means that they are computed on the basis of actual results of you page updated once a week. If you want, you can obviously update them more often. You can do everything, while using Sotrender.

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