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Case about global beer pages

Sotrender Research Team has decided to take a look how strong beer brands are on Facebook in different countries. First of all, we have analyzed the structure of fans of the biggest beer page in the world. Basing on the results, we have compared...

Case about engagement after "Timeline"

Launching Facebook Timeline has made lots of buzz in interactive media. Sotrender analyzed how it has really influenced both user and company communication. Sotrender’s study shows that with launching of Timeline average post lifetime is much longer.

Case about Open Graph

In the British Film Institute in London we had pleasure to participate in London Social Media Week workshop “Being an OG ”. The entire event was narrowly focused on Facebook Open Graph and its usage. Sotrender explained how to track Open Graph.

Case about Words That Engage on Facebook

Call-to-action words like “watch”, “like”, “look” and “click” appear very often in posts on Facebook, however they do not seem to rise much engagement anymore.

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