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What is Audience Saturation and How It Affects Your Facebook Ads Results [Analysis & Tips]

Understanding the target audience and knowing who is your desirable user is key to successful marketing campaigns. Are marketers effective in identifying and choosing target audiences when creating their Facebook and Instagram ads?

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Despite an intent to go viral on Telegram, Schwarzenegger reaches mostly the Western world

Almost the whole world has been speaking loudly about the war in Ukraine for more than three weeks now. Almost, because there is one country that hides behind a possible new iron curtain and changes the narrative about current events in Ukraine – Russia. Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor turned politician, has recently sent out a […]

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When should I post on Facebook? Best posting times for industries in the UK

You always hear the same phrase, “content is king”, in a hundred different variations. You spend so much time preparing your content strategy, study your audience demographics and interests, and create a whole content calendar just for them. You might even have hundreds of thousands of followers, but low reach and engagement, so what gives? […]

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