Twitter in the UK - Summary for 2016

Twitter in the UK – Summary of 2016

Another year has come to a close, bring a lot of changes in the world of social media. 2016 was an interesting year for Twitter in the UK because it was mostly dominated by music, with one group in particular outperforming the rest. News sources also had a successful year, being the most active and […]

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Last Christmas

Christmas hit on Facebook (Last Christmas by Wham)

You can always tell that Christmas is coming when you start hearing Christmas songs everywhere you go. Love em or hate em, they are a staple of the holiday tradition. We got a little curious about them, so for fun we decided to analyze one of them most essential Christmas songs: Last Christmas by Wham. […]

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Facebook Fan Interests – Why you should care

“What else are my fans and followers interested in?” It’s a question that social media marketers ask themselves all the time. You know that your fans like you, of course. That’s why they liked your page! But there’s nothing on Facebook or Twitter that tells you what other interests they have. It would be great […]

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