Christmas hit on Facebook (Last Christmas by Wham)

You can always tell that Christmas is coming when you start hearing Christmas songs everywhere you go. Love em or hate em, they are a staple of the holiday tradition. We got a little curious about them, so for fun we decided to analyze one of the most essential Christmas songs: Last Christmas by Wham. We chose to analyze this song because it’s not only one of the most popular songs, it’s also one of our personal favorites here at Sotrender.

Last Christmas on YouTube

We wanted to check how many views the song got on YouTube and how many shares it got on Facebook. So using Sotrender, we did just that:

Last Christmas

In the chart above, you can see the total number of views of Last Christmas on YouTube from October 2009 until December 2016. On the left, you have the number views from 2016 alone. The song has maintained a steady amount of listens over the years, likely peaking every December. It looks like this Christmas jam is here to stay.

Last Christmas on Facebook

Next, we wanted to check how many people were sharing the song on Facebook. We divided the biggest YouTube channels hosting the song in the graph, so you can see which channels were most popular. The data is from share in 2016 on the 6 most popular channels hosting Last Christmas.


Unsurprisingly, the official Vevo Wham channel was the most shared version with nearly 4.4 million shares. The other channels are significantly lower in terms of shares. This just goes to show how posting through official channels on YouTube will get you the most attention. Looking unprofessional or not serious enough will turn people away from not only your YouTube channel, but the rest of your social media too.

Christmas is just around the corner, so be sure to share your favorite Christmas tracks on social media! You might just get a boost in engagement or spark a discussion with your timely post. We shared ours, now it’s your turn!

And from everyone at Sotrender…

Merry Christmas!

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