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New and amazing features in Sotrender! PPTX, comparison reports, and Instagram Tips

Spring always brings changes, even with Sotrender. To celebrate the warmer and sunnier days, we added several new features to our tool. For starters, there’s three updates you’ve been waiting for – comparison reports in .pdf format, editable reports in .pptx for Facebook, and automated tips for Instagram. Everything to make using Sotrender even smoother. […]

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Improve your Facebook posts’ reach with new Sotrender tips

Sotrender not only means precise social media data analytics and instant reporting. It also means automated data-driven tips, providing instant data interpretation without the need to analyze charts and numbers. Starting today, Sotrender’s tips include information about reach based on Facebook Insights data. See what is the reach of your posts, get to know how to improve […]

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Analyze and improve your Twitter performance

While developing new features for easy social media analytics in Sotrender, we don’t focus only on Facebook. We are working also on two other popular social media platforms: Twitter and YouTube. Today we’re introducing new set of analytic features. It means more possibilities to boost the Twitter performance both as an individual user or a brand.

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