To start advertising on Twitter, you have to go to Twitter Ads. From there, you will have numerous ad options that will let you work towards your specific goals. However, there are some things to know and consider before doing that.

1. Set your advertising goals

Determining these goals will be essential to your first campaign. Setting goals is integral to deciding what type of ad is best for you. Twitter helps simplify this for you by letting you choose from a set of objectives. Your can choose between the following:

  • Tweet engagements.
  • Website clicks.
  • Website conversions.
  • App installs.
  • App re-engagements.
  • Followers.
  • Leads on Twitter.
  • Video views.

2. Select targeting options of your ad

You need to target your ad to a specific audience. This will make sure that your ad goes will appear only to people interested in your content. You can choose from the following targeting options on Twitter:

  1. Language targeting. Reach people who speak a certain language.
  2. Gender targeting. Target either women or men.
  3. Interest targeting. Reach people whose interests aligns with your business.
  4. Follow targeting. It is possible to target followers of specific accounts who may also be interested in your business profile.
  5. Device targeting. Target people with specific mobile devices.
  6. Behavior targeting. Reach people based on their actions online.
  7. Tailored Audiences targeting. Reach specific groups of users based on specific aspects of your audience.
  8. Keyword targeting. Deliver timely messages to users based on what they’ve recently Tweeted or engaged with.
  9. Geography targeting. Specify an international or local audience you want to reach.

3. Creating an ad

To create an ad, you need to sign into Twitter Ads and fill out your payment info. After clicking on the Create new campaign, you will be able to select your objectives from the aforementioned list. You also must name your campaign as well as choose a start and end date.

4. Audience

In the next step you have to choose the audience. Well-targeted ads, or with targeted to users who may potentially be interested in the brand / service / products, cause greater commitment, which translates into better campaign results. Twitter gives you the opportunity to target by the location, gender, languages spoken by the audience and separately for operating systems smartphones or display on a mobile device / desktop. Now on this basis, you can choose the interest of appropriate audience .

5. Estimation

When we choose different options for targeting on the right appears estimation, which represents the estimated size of the audience to which we can target an ad. Twitter shows whether it is within the recommended range. If it is too small, your ads may not bring the desired effect.

6. Budget

Once you know to who you target the campaign, you can take care of the budget. We determine the daily rate you want to spend on advertising and optionally, you can set the total budget. At the moment when used, the ads will stop running, and we do not pay more than expected.

7. Creation

At the end we have creation. Twitter gives us the opportunity to select existing tweets or sketches. If you want the results of the campaign to be satisfactory, it is recommended that the campaign was from 4 to 6 tweets . A good practice is to place a call to action – like “follow us”. But the user should see why to do this. If you already know how to create your first campaign on Twitter, it’s time to… go to work .

Start analyzing your Twitter performance

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