Last month Sotrender together with Joy Intermedia premiered the first edition of Fanpage & Twitter Trends Indonesia – comprehensive social media reports for Indonesian social media industry. Later on, it was even covered on Tech in Asia. Encouraged by the success of the reports, we are coming back with another monthly edition, in which we show the data on reach, engagement and content of 9 different industries present on Facebook & Twitter in Indonesia with comments of Indonesian experts. This time our reports have also brand new graphic design that makes them more intuitive and easier to read. Read the reports to be up-to-date with the latest social media trends.

 The reports, apart from the rankings of all Indonesian brands, also include results of Facebook Pages and Twitter profiles from 9 categories: automotive, banks, beverages, cosmetics, e-commerce, fashion, food, technologies and telecommunications. The results of each category are divided into different types of rankings.

Fanpage Trends

In comparison to September, Indonesian Facebook pages engaged 30, 54% more users, gathered 54% more likes and 18, 18% more comments, which is quite a significant change. Interestingly, among the analyzed profiles there were none posting only text posts. In turn, 22, 07% of Facebook pages used only multimedia posts. The leaders in posting only multimedia content were Indonesia Raya, PAC Martha Tilaar, Mother and Baby Indonesia.

Hermanto, a Social Media Specialist from OLX Indonesia, whose Facebook page has the most fans among all the Indonesian brands, told us about the role of social media both in general digital landscape of Indonesia as in the development of OLX company:

Indonesia is now stepping forward to the digital world, social media platorm has become the bridge of communication for all brands. OLX Indonesia believes that through this platform we can serve better by understanding what the customer wants. OLX has become the biggest fan base for e commerce in Indonesia, social media tools help us to monitor, listening and better serving in CRM.  With the social listening tool we believe we can understand more the behavior of the netizen, giving the best results for our customers and our stakeholders.

Also Franky Hoe, Marketing Manager from Rakuten Belanja Online shares Hermanto’s optimism when it comes to the influence of social media. He also emphasizes his main strategy for reaching clients.

It’s clear that company’s social media account can perform well in different categories. From Rakuten experience, we can also see that social media contents work best when they’re related to happening events, big brands, and daily life. The point is, don’t just sell, make your message relatable!

One of the most successful brands in the Beverages category was NutriSari, which reached the first place in “The most engaging Facebook fanpages” ranking. We asked Elvira Puspasari Chandra, the E-Marketing Brand Associate of Nutrifood, to comment the view of the company on the use of social media as a marketing tool.

Nutrifood believes in the power of social media as an exciting and powerful communication tool that shall bring significant impact to our company for the purposes of reaching, listening, learning, and establishing rapport with all our stakeholders. Being engaged with active social media enthusiasts as our customers, our brand division (L-Men, NutriSari, Tropicana Slim, HiLo, HiLo Teen, W’dank, and Alergon) manages all social media platforms directly, both from upstream to downstream by dedicating some social media specialist team for each existing brand to ensure high engagement & rapport.

The best Facebook posts in Indonesia in September 2014 The best Facebook posts in Indonesia in October 2014

The best Facebook posts in Indonesia in October 2014

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Twitter Trends

As well as with the case Facebook, the Indonesian Twitter profiles also were more active in October than in September, but not significantly. For example, profiles have tweeted on average 1, 7% more often than in September. The tweets were retweeted 5, 2 times (4, 6 in September) and liked 1, 43 times (1, 22 in September) on average. The profiles that gathered most likes were Samsung_ID, CocaCola_ID and Frestea_ID. Only the last one stayed on the podium since September, keeping its third place.

On the other hand, there were 3 best tweets that in total gathered 5717 retweets, which makes up to almost a double of the best result from September. Three best posts in October got more retweets than the top 8 Indonesian tweets in the previous month.

The most engaging tweets in Indonesia in October 2014

The most engaging tweets in Indonesia in October 2014

Read the full Sotrender reports to gain the perspective of the whole Facebook and Twitter landscape in Indonesia!

Fanpage Trends Indonesia October 2014

Twitter Trends Indonesia October 2014