Facebook has recently changed business Pages layout. Marketers all around the world can benefit from this new Facebook feature, initially announced in March and gradually getting to all pages. Sotrender decided to check who was fast enough to switch before being exposed. We compared 3 different categories of pages: top brands, celebrities and sport players and teams. By curiosity, we also added NBA teams, which are just at the end of their season.

Switching to the new layout entails splitting your Page into two columns according to their content: the right hand side is reserved for posts, while the left hand side is more information-oriented (fans, contact info, website URL, photos, videos or events). New layout also guarantees easy acces to admin tools as well as consistency in your Page’s appearance on desktop and mobile devices (for more information click here). For now changes are not automatic – Pages’ owners need to click the “Update Page for Fans” button in order to make the adjustments visible. Despite having new opportunities, many brands which use Facebook for marketing still haven’t jumped at them.

Who adopted the new Facebook Page layout?

The results are presented on the chart. Apparently, in all categories there is still a big number of Pages with the old layout.

Who adopted the new Facebook page layout?

Who adopted the new Facebook page layout?

Many biggest brands stuck with the old layout

First we took 50 biggest brand pages on Facebook. What’s surprising, only half of them switched to the new layout! Even such brands like Coca-Cola (ranked first with over 83 m fans – almost two and a half times as much as the population of Canada), Converse (40 m fans) and Oreo (36 m fans) haven’t taken the plunge yet.

Celebrities also tend to put this decision off. Among Facebook’s top 50 celebs only 40% decided to change the layout. For instance, the update was neglected by Shakira (96 m fans). Rihanna and Justin Bieber, as opposed to Chris Brown and Selena Gomez,  stay up-to-date. Also Beyonce and Jay-Z (beyond Facebook’s top 50) have changed their Pages layout, but their friends – Kanye and Kim (both beyond Facebook’s top 50) haven’t.

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Facebook Pages connected with sport are doing better than previous categories. Among top 50 sport profiles, 31 were updated (62%). Football clubs are up-to-date with Facebook new features – what about basketball teams?

NBA teams jump high?

Not here. Among 30 tea1ms only 14 managed to change Facebook Page layout. The season is just ending, so maybe it’s simply the matter of weariness and time shortage. Facebook biggest winner is Pacific Division (only Phoenix Suns neglected Facebook update), biggest looser – Southwest Division (only Dallas Mavericks adapted new layout ).

Switching the layout didn’t help Miami, which lost last night first game of the NBA finals with San Antonio who still has the old layout 🙂