Yes. At the very least you should try it. Advertising can help specify your goals and get you results that would be impossible without them. And advertising on Instagram will only become more important as the social media channel becomes more popular. Add on top of that their shift to using an algorithm for sorting posts, and advertising is already a necessity.

Start analyzing your Instagram performance

Why you should advertise on Instagram

If you have any hesitations about advertising on Instagram, these reasons to advertise should help persuade you:

  • Ads don’t annoy users on Instagram. Instagram ads are displayed the same as any other image. The only difference is that there is a “sponsored” tag in the post, letting users know that it’s an ad.
  • Ads are available to all users. There are no limitations on who can advertise, as long as you’re willing to pay.
  • Targeting via Facebook. Since Facebook owns Instagram, you can use their massive database to target your ad to the right audience.
  • Multiple formats: You can choose your ad format from the following options:
    • Photo ads: Your ad will appear like your typical photo post.
    • Video ads: Your ad will appear like your typical video post.
    • Carousel ads: Your ad will have multiple photos, that users can swipe through to see.
  • Choose from numerous objectives. Advertisers use ads with different goals in mind, and Instagram let’s you work towards the one you want. You can choose from the following options:
    • Clicks to website.
    • Website conversions.
    • Mobile app installs.
    • Mobile app engagement.
    • Video views.
    • Reach and frequency.
    • Page post engagement.
    • Mass Awareness.
  • User engagement with ads. This means users can comment and like your ad, allowing you to interact with them directly.

There are tons of reasons to advertise on Instagram. Setting them up also isn’t difficult, so there’s no excuse to not be using them.

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