Instagram has 3 main types of advertisements to choose from. And you can’t go wrong with any of them, as long as they line up with your goals.

  • Photo ads: Your ad will appear like your typical photo post.
  • Video ads: Your ad will appear like your typical video post.
  • Carousel ads: Your ad will have multiple photos, that users can swipe through to see.

These are the three formats that you can use. However, you can also choose from 8 types of objectives. This will make sure that your ad is made so that it helps you reach the type of goal you select.

  • Clicks to website. Prompts users to check out important parts of your website.
  • Website conversions. Prompts users to take specific actions on your website.
  • Mobile app installs. Invites users to download your mobile app.
  • Mobile app engagement. Promote more activity on your mobile app.
  • Video views. Prompt users to watch your video.
  • Reach and frequency. Makes the ad reach more people more often.
  • Page post engagement. Gets people to interact with you ad.
  • Mass Awareness. Get a guaranteed amount of impressions.

These are the essential options you have to choose from when advertising on Instagram. You have more specific options that you can choose once you start making your add. But these are the basics that will determine the nature of your ad.

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