Facebook’s Champions League – who leads on social pitch

Major sport events are reflected in social media too. Games, clubs and players trigger emotions, which are expressed on Facebook or Twitter before, during and after the game, usually using so-called second screen – a smartphone, tablet or laptop. So who leads on social pitch of UEFA Champions League? A few hours before today’s final on Wembley we […]

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Dark Social Media, shareability You don’t see

Sotrender Research Team has analyzed the communications of UK IT brands and tech blogs. The results of the research show it’s possible, that the photos no longer constitute the best content to publish on Facebook pages. Although many social media managers may be not aware of this fact, links can be the source of the […]

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Sotrender Lite – a help for social media marketing for smaller businesses

Attention! On Feb 5th 2015 we changed our pricing. Instead of LITE subscription we give you BRONZE subscription with all funcionalities. Lite version of Sotrender is created to help smaller and local businesses as well as individuals who want to take advantage of all of the marketing possibilities created by Facebook. Optimizing the quality of […]

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