Witty April Fool’s Day jokes of brands – laugh and learn from the best

Social media has become a super powerful marketing tool for brands. Still we have to remember that first of all, it’s also a source of entertainment for users. That’s why it’s crucial to diversify published content and relate to current events, if possible in a light and funny way. Yesterday’s April Fool’s was a perfect occasion for brands to draw attention of their fans. Sotrender has picked the most interesting and funny ones to prove that serious and effective marketing can be led also in definitely not serious way. See the examples of the best April Fool’s day brand jokes and start thinking about your strategy for the next year!

Don’t be a fool in April and prepare yourself in advance

On April, 1st we saw many, many posts with informing about fake products or fake news. Some of them were witty and funny, but majority of them were bland and totally boring. You may ask why? It’s not only the matter of lack of sense of humor, but some posts looked unprepared, as if the brands completely forgot about April Fool’s Day and desperately tried to fix it in the nick of time. That’s definetely not a good idea. It’s better to remain silent than to post an ill-conceived content. But it’s even better to prepare the content well in advance taking into consideration characteristics of a chosen target group as well as identity of the brand itself. April, 1st is not the only date on which brands can publish some really good and not-so-serious content to leverage their social media performance just like Super Bowl or Valentine’s Day that we wrote about some time ago. We analyzed over 2400 Facebook posts and 1200 tweets to choose the best social media content for this year’s April Fool’ Day. We also have shared some advice on strategy.

The biggest brands perfectly know how to use April Fool’s day in their communication. Google is a good example. You probably have already played Pac-Man on Google Maps or sampled Darude on YouTube, but it’s not everything they prepared. Pranks and easter eggs appeared in every service provided by the mogul from Mountain View. Our favorite? This bittersweet video about fake option that allows you to slow down your web connection to good ol’ 56kbps. It’s witty, funny and indeed thought inspiring.

See Top 5 Facebook posts April’s Fool Day in our opinion:

Invite the whole extended family over!

Posted by Frito-Lay on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Mac for your Maccy D’s. #HandPoncho

Posted by McDonald’s on 31 marca 2015

Kale is the new bacon. Introducing the new Super Kale Thickburger, piled high with 100% thick-cut kale. #EatLikeYouMeanIt

Posted by Hardee’s on 1 kwietnia 2015

Exciting news. We’re delighted to have teamed up with Italian model Loof Lirpa to launch our own 100% organic cologne, ‘…

Posted by Anthony Nolan on 1 kwietnia 2015

A selfie is only as good as its stick. Check out the new #MotoSelfieStick. #SelfieStick bit.ly/1IMESCw

Posted by Motorola on 1 kwietnia 2015


See Top 5 tweets related to April Fool’s Day:

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