Sotrender and Joy Intermedia are proud to present the fifth edition of Fanpage & Twitter Trends Indonesia. Our report contains the data on reach, engagement and content for 9 different industries present on Facebook & Twitter in Indonesia with comments of Indonesian experts.

Fanpage Trends Indonesia January 2015

This month we take a deep look into Cosmetics industry with Krisanto Pramudityo, Digital Listening and Insight Specialist at Social@Ogilvy:

We witness how Wardah Cosmetics maintain its performance in this period as they remain the largest fanpages for cosmetics category in Indonesia. It’s no wonder since Wardah Cosmetics has uniquely differentiated themselves among other brands, such as Rexona, Garnier Indonesia, Vaseline Men, and Pond’s Indonesia. With a steady footing in young-adult Muslim market, Wardah Cosmetics easily relate to its consumers in the largest Muslim population. However, with the largest size in the category, Wardah Cosmetics is not included in the top five most engaging Facebook pages. Among them is Garnier Indonesia who received the most engaging pages as they maintain the exposure with the help of frequent posts. Although sometimes audiences identified it as a spam, so it’s considered a risky implementation, yet they seems find it relevant to them and attract participation. Garnier Indonesia becomes the best study for brands in providing a good content and yet still relevant to the audiences. Despite being the most engaging Facebook page, Garnier Indonesia seems overwhelmed and unable to interact with its consumers. From the total number of users’ posts, Garnier Indonesia only able to commented 31% of posts.

Wardah Cosmetics and Pond’s Indonesia are the examples how the brands establish a good interaction with the audiences with more than 50% of users’ posts were well responded. This approach can be the best practice to build connection with the audience in a way that is humane and natural. In summary, brands should stay relevant to its audiences by providing content that is interesting and adds value to the conversation. With a relevant content it will help the brand be perceived as a trusted advisor and potentially can increase customer advocacy. Establishing trust can only be achieved by communicate intimately and directly with the audience. The key is to be trustworthy; with the end goal of fostering a healthy fan base.

Most engaging posts Cosmetics industry - Fanpage Trends Indonesa January 2015

Most engaging posts Cosmetics industry – Fanpage Trends Indonesia January 2015

Besides, in January we noticed amazing growth of OLX Indonesia fanpage. They gained over 2 million new fans and strengthened their position on top of the All Indonesia ranking with over 7 million fans. The most engaging profile was again Samsung Indonesia, which engaged 33% of their fanbase, that is 636 thousand Facebook users.

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Twitter Trends Indonesia January 2015

We have one big newcomer in this month’s Twitter Trends Indonesia – Indosat. It is communication company, one of the bigest telecoms in Indonesia. It appeared in every All Indonesia ranking, including most engaging profiles where it ranked first. Indonesian Twitter is dominated by mobile phones producers and telecoms companies, showing the current state of internet use in the country. The majority of users is connecting to the web using mobile devices.

Most engaging Twitter profiles in Indonesia - Twitter Trends Indonesia January 2015

Most engaging Twitter profiles in Indonesia – Twitter Trends Indonesia January 2015

In January, the biggest Twitter profile was KASKUS, which gained 2% new followers, compared to December. It’s almost twice bigger than next in the ranking XL Axiata. Last month’s the most engaging profile – Telkomsel, fell to the 3rd place, but remained the most mentioned profile with almost 50 thousand mentions and the most interactive Twitter profile in Indonesia. The most engaging Tweets in January were published by Samsung, Pepsi, Indosat and Honda Indonesia.

Fanpage Trends Indonesia January 2015
Twitter Trends Indonesia January 2015