Twitter’s multi-user login is used for ad campaigns for Twitter @handles or brands. To assign different roles for different users check out the screenshots below



Twitter’s multiple-user permission setting process

The different types of roles are split into 3 categories:

Account Administrator – full access to Twitter Ads, including adding and changing general access and permissions for users. They can also make changes to campaigns and view performance data but cannot post organic (normal) Tweets. Additionally and probably most importantly, they have access to credit card and billing information

Ad Manager – access to Twitter Ads including changes to ad campaigns and performance data. New accounts and organic (normal) Tweets cannot be added by Ad Managers

Analyst – the most restricted of the roles is granted access to Twitter Ads and can only view performance data

Start analyzing your Twitter performance

As a final note, it’s always worth checking the permissions for your social media accounts every month or so to make sure all the permissions are granted to the right people and updated based on the company roles the people have at the time.


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