Social Media Week London 2019 summarized

Social Media Week London 2019 is now behind us. We’ve already prepared a recap of the first day, but we also wanted to prepare a more comprehensive summary of the whole event. But then we thought: we can go a step further! As analytics is our strength, we decided to also use it to prepare the SMWLDN recap. 

If you don’t trust technology that much, there will be something more for you, as well. Each of Sotrender’s delegates at the event has chosen their favourite presentation among all the others. 

As you guys enjoyed our recap of #SMWLDN first day, here is the full summary of SMWLDN: analytical perspective combined with a subjective human touch. 

You decide which one do you like most 😉 

The hottest topics of SMWLDN 2019

Let’s check which topics were on almost everyone’s lips during these 2 days. 

social media week london 2019

Social Media Week London 2019 | Word Cloud summarizing #SMWLDN

The analysis was prepared by Ula Baranowska from Sotrender’s Analytics Team. The analysis was conducted based on the content of presentations from SMWLDN. 

A summary visualized as a word cloud clearly shows that the given presentations and academies were mainly focused on:

  • Influencers
  • Tik Tok, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Storytelling
  • Building communities
  • Creating content tailored to audience needs
  • Data-driven strategy

These topics will definitely come up as trends in 2020!

SMWLDN – our fav points from the agenda

Once we have discovered the most popular topics on the agenda, let’s take a look at some human reviews, from Sotrender reps taking part in SMWLDN 2019. 

Sotrender Team’s picks from Social Media Week London 2019:

Klaudia Żyłka, Marketing Specialist
How to Make an Impact on TikTok [Academy] by Dave Gibson & Nick Robertson from BBC

These guys rock! So much practical knowledge presented in such a funny and easy to understand way. After all, Nick @imnickrobertson is a real Tik Toker with over 1mln followers, so he must know how to succeed on Tik Tok. It was a pleasure listening to them and I guess quite a decent proof that investing in Tik Tok in 2020 will pay off. 

social media week 2019

How to Make an Impact on TikTok

Anna Maria Kaczmarczyk, Sales Manager
How to be Human: What we really mean by connection by Will Hodge & Kate Hunter

Amazing experience, showing how empathy helps to create the best experience for people using certain brands. The way Will and Kate spoke showed they know how important it is to be human in digital business bringing people closer together, taking down the walls.

Paweł Obiedziński, Head of Revenue
Social Media was Supposed to be Fun by Kenny Gold & Jonathan Lee from Grey

People like fun, desire fun and often miss fun in their daily life, so it’s time for users and brands to make our newsfeeds funny again! That was inspirational and entertaining. No strange – Kenny has Polish ancestors!

Jan Zając, CEO, founder
How ‘OMD Create’ Uses Data to Deliver Effective Storytelling on Social Media by Matthew Breen from – unsurprisingly – OMD

The data-driven approach seems to be especially important now that we can personalize messages. Since new possibilities emerged, we can even craft messages for particular audiences or even individuals.

(PS. Actually this is no. 2, “Social media was supposed to be fun” was number one for me, but Paweł was faster in picking it 😉

Magdalena Świątek, Customer Success Specialist
Is Social Media Honest? The Consumer Perspective by Russell Feldman from YouGov

It’s easy for Influencers to show a perfect life on Instagram, but consumers no longer trust in a fake reality, especially when it comes to advertising. There were multiple case studies and statistics, which proved, that nowadays we prefer authenticity more than overdrawn perfection. Creative presentation, well done! 

social media week london

Russell Feldman during his presentation “Is Social Media Honest? The Consumer Perspective”

Are you interested in finding out how the first day of SMWLDN went? Want to find out how the venue looked like, which were the most inspiring presentations? We’ve already covered it all in the latest blog post along with some ready takeaways to use in your everyday work. 

… and it was actually not the first time we visited London for a Social Media Week event. You can check how it looked back then in 2015 😉 

A couple of reviews can be found on Social Media Week’s blog, as well. 

What’s next? Our plan for 2020

Social Media Week London was just the beginning! Sotrender will also be sponsoring Social Media Week in New York and Los Angeles in 2020. Keep an eye on the agenda and the sponsors’ tab! Who is gonna be there? 😉 

social media week

Sotrender’s Team at SMWLDN 2019

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