social media week london 2019

Social Media Week London 2019 summarized

Social Media Week London 2019 is now behind us. We’ve already prepared a recap of the first day, but we also wanted to prepare a more comprehensive summary of the whole event. But then we thought: we can go a step further! As analytics is our strength, we decided to also use it to prepare the […]

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social media week london

SMWLDN 2019 – the event of the year for social media managers [recap of Day 1]

It’s just after the first day of Social Media Week London 2019. We’ve decided to prepare a super fresh recap of the most interesting panels and workshops from day 1. Just to share what was important or insightful so one can feel it despite missing the event. We strive to give you a grasp of […]

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My impressions from Social Media Week London 2015

I’ve just returned home after 4 days at Social Media Week London 2015. With my head full of impressions and inspiration, I decided to write this post. A summation of my experiences, similar to what we did after Dublin Web Summit 2 years ago. Since these were a very busy and exciting few days, I’m […]

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