How to Increase Engagement and Sales on Instagram with Personalized Posts

In the age of fierce competition, personalization is key to engagement and sales on Instagram. Today, companies should closely interact with followers, trying to satisfy their specific needs and meet their high expectations.

If you don’t know how to personalize posts on Instagram, check the following useful tips. Believe you or not, they will help you to boost your marketing efforts and generate higher sales.

Show your gratitude

If you want to keep your business afloat, you should demonstrate your gratitude to your customers. You should say “thank you” for loyalty and support, which they give you. It will allow you to retain your regular customers and attract new followers.

To show your gratitude to your Instagram audience, you should do the following:

  • Create personalized posts to thank new users for following
  • Welcome new followers by tagging them in Stories
  • Tag followers on photos and in comments
  • Reply to every positive and negative comment
  • Reply to direct messages
  • Like, comment and share user-generated posts

These little tricks will help to make your followers feel valued and special. Eventually, you will be rewarded with high engagement and sales.

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Share user-generated content

Let’s face the truth. Companies have lost the power to control their brands’ message a few years ago. According to the recent marketing report, 86% Millennials and Generation Z consider user-generated, not branded, content as an indicator of the good’s quality.

For this reason, you should utilize user-generated content to accomplish your business goals. You should encourage your customers to publish photos and video of themselves wearing, eating, utilizing or enjoying your product. Also, it’s important to regularly remind your followers to tag your company and to use your branded hashtag in their posts.

When it comes to user-generated content sharing, you should never forget to mention a post creator. It will prove the fact that you really appreciate the loyalty and support of your followers. By the way, you can also use customers’ photos in your shoppable posts.


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Selfie mode. ?? #F21xHonda Make sure to tag @forever21 + #F21xMe for a chance to be featured like #ForeverBabe @janelle_fletcher xo (tap to shop)

Post udostępniony przez forever21 (@forever21)

Play with feelings

To boost engagement, you should create the emotional appeal of your brand on Instagram. Try to be creative and write posts, which won’t leave your audience indifferent. You should find the right words to make people feel happiness, excitement, tenderness, romance, love, nostalgia, or experience any other positive emotions.

Write your heart out and create a story, which will make readers think about their friends and family. Don’t forget to add a call to action “tag your friend/sister/travel buddy”, and you will double reach and engagement.

Do you want to see how a perfect personalized post looks like? Take a glance at the following publication about the cute relationship between sisters. More than a thousand followers found this post inspiring and tagged their siblings in the comments. With the help of this post, the artist, Amanda Oleander, boosted sales of her illustrations.

Use geotags wisely

Geotag is another useful feature, which can help you to increase engagement and sales on Instagram. However, you should learn how to use it in the right way.

Try to avoid adding geotags, which display the actual location of your company. The point is that addresses like Bayshore Business Center and 12km Thadeua Road lack emotional appeal and you will not achieve any positive results using them.

It’s highly recommended to add the geotags which display the location of your followers. This simple trick will allow you to bring the target audience closer to your brand.

Share behind-the-scenes photos and videos

If you want to increase engagement on Instagram, you should be honest with your followers. You should share behind-the-scenes photos and videos to personalize your message. There are a few aspects of the business, which are worth the followers’ attention:

  • Production process
  • Equipment, materials or ingredients used in production
  • Key employees and contributors

Be creative

Designing a shoppable post, make sure that it doesn’t look like a standard ad.  You should write an original caption, which will draw followers’ attention to the picture and make shoppers take a closer look at your product. Also, you should avoid using cliché phrases like “buy now” or “order today” because they will scare your followers away.

Don’t post white background product photos. Otherwise, your Instagram will look like an online store. Try to be more creative and present your products in the way you have never done it before.

Don’t try to convince your followers that they should buy your product. Help them to come up with this “brilliant” idea on their own.


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How do you use your scarf? ? #HM Scarf/hairband: 0665082016 Scarf/hairband: 0665082015

Post udostępniony przez H&M (@hm)

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In conclusion

Instagram is a perfect platform to connect with your target audience and promote your brand. If you want to boost engagement and sales with personalized posts, just do it. Follow the recommendations given, and you will hit your business goals.


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