How to Build a Brand on Instagram: 10 Steps to Take

By today’s standards, people will question your legitimacy if they can’t find you on Instagram. With 2 billion users who spend time on the platform, Instagram is one of the platforms your potential customers will use to learn more about your business and decide whether it’s worth their patronage. 

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A complete guide to Instagram competitors’ analysis

If you’re running a business Instagram profile, how can your strategy be complete without a decent knowledge about your competitors’ activities? 

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sotrender business profiles analysis

Complete Guide to Sotrender’s Instagram Business Analysis

Instagram is booming! The platform recently surpassed 1 billion users worldwide. And it’s not just user growth that’s moving in the right direction; Instagram is seeing a big-time rise in ad dollars coming to the platform. It seems brands have found greener pastures on Instagram over Facebook’s News Feed.

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