New Feature in Sotrender: Engaged users for Twitter

With our team hard at work every day, Sotrender is constantly improving. With our latest endeavours, we’ve been focusing on improving our Twitter part of the tool. With that, we are proud to introduce the new engaged users tab for Twitter in the Sotrender panel! Read on to see what it’s all about.

Engaged Users

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Simply put, the engaged users tab displays how many engaged users your Twitter profile had within a particular period of time. You can check as far as 6 months back, getting a more refined glimpse of how you’ve been performing. The tool displays an easy-to-read chart that shows you the specific days and the different levels of engagement that were amassed on each respective day. And you can even compare not only days at a time, but also weeks or how each day of the week compared to each other throughout the selected period.

Twitter engaged users

Twitter user engagement by frequency

Twitter engaged users weekdays

Twitter user engagement frequency by weekdays

This feature will allow you to better understand how well you are engaging users and how to improve those numbers. You can compare content that was posted on each day and see which one’s were engaging users and which ones were not. You can also make notes on the graph at specific points, in case you want to make a comment or remember something relevant for a later time.

All you have to do is pick a profile, and the chart will display all the important information for you. Be sure to check it out and take advantage the next time you’re analyzing your Twitter performance!

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