Instagram has its own metrics for tracking your business profile’s performance, although they are rather limited in scope.

For starters, Insights is unavailable to those who have a personal profile, so you have to make the switch to a business profile if you want access to Insights. The second thing you should keep in mind is that Insights will only provide you with information from the past seven days. This means there is no way of selecting a period of time you are interested and you lose out on data. You can take a look at your Insights by pressing on your profile on the bottom right-hand side, choosing the top right-hand corner and selecting Insights. The metrics you should be focusing on our follower growth and maintenance, reach, and user engagement.

You can find information about the following metrics when checking Insights:

On the audience tab, you can find out more about your followers. Their demographics are just one way you can get to know who is following you and why. You can see the top locations by cities and countries on an hourly or weekly basis. The same goes for gender demographics and age range. Finally, you can see how your follower is changing, but you don’t see the average followers you gain a week, what your best posting time was, and so on.

On the activity tab, you can see the reach and impressions of your profile. You will know how many unique users have seen your profile and a bit more into their impressions.

The content tab gives you information about your posts, stories, as well as paid promotions.

As you can see, these are limited metrics that will not give you a fuller picture of your performance. Although Instagram Insights have improved over time, you cannot keep track of the changes over a longer period of time. The graphs cannot be edited to suit your needs, either. You’ll have to use a social media analytics tool, like Sotrender.

Start analyzing your Instagram performance

A quick glance will show you that Sotrender has the same metrics and more. Take a glance at the same metrics, just revisualized.


Even though the basic metrics are available on Instagram Insights, Sotrender offers you a richer database of information and metrics that can help you with your social media strategy.

Start analyzing your Instagram performance

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