You can either use Instagram Insights or an external tool of your choosing.

In 2016, Instagram introduced Business Profiles along with Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights offers some basic info about your performance over a short time. It’s useful for some quick data concerning your performance and a good starting point.

Since not everyone wants to have a Business account (and Insights contains only basic information over a short period), analysing your organic activity can be very complicated. But don’t worry, that’s why external tools exist, like Sotrender.

Start analyzing your Instagram performance

Instagram Insights

You can open Insights from your mobile device (see here where to find them). It will show you basic data about your profile for the previous week, including:

  • Number of impressions.
  • Reach.
  • Profile views.
  • Clicks to your website.
  • Top posts.
  • Follower demographics.

This tool is completely free and is a great way for small businesses that just started their Instagram adventure.


Our tool is a simple platform for advanced Instagram analysis (among others). You can add profiles to observe, both yours and others. This will help you learn from both your competitors and your industry leaders.

In Sotrender you can see data on:

  • Brand activity.
  • Users activity.
  • Posts performance.
  • Hashtags.
  • Engagement and posting hours.

You can always adjust dates and download a report that’s ready to send to your superiors.

Based on your channel results, we’re also serving tips which can help you to optimize your strategy.

Start analyzing your Instagram performance

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