Checking your Instagram activity metrics is important for performance optimization. Up until recently, Instagram didn’t give any statistics about your posts and account except for the number of likes, replies, and mentions of your profile.

This has changed with the introduction of the Instagram Business Account (very similar to Facebook Business) which gives you access to Instagram Insights. It, however, has some limitations. For example, you get the data for the last seven days only. Not long, right? It’s impossible to conduct a thorough analysis on such a short period of time. Also, when your Stories disappear, you lose their data. To understand your performance on Instagram, you need something extra, some external tool. Like Sotrender.

Start analyzing your Instagram performance

How to check Instagram activity in Sotrender

Sotrender is a social media analytics tool with an advanced module of Instagram analytics. Using our tool you’re able to analyze data for any time frame once you connect your Instagram business profile. On top of that, you have access to 1 month of historical data (you can learn everything about analyzing Instagram performance here).

Instagram Business Analytics in Sotrender offers you a deep analysis of:

  • your followers (when they are online, which country they originate from, their activities),
  • your content (how it performed and when to post, its reach and impressions, how many times it was saved by the users)
  • profile clicks (to contact your brand, how to get there, and everything else that is clickable on your profile on Instagram).

You can also analyze Instagram Stories which are the hottest content type on the platform. It’s promoted by Instagram, it gets better reach and people love it, even though it’s very ephemeral type (Stories disappear after 24 hours). That’s why we decided to include Stories analytics to Sotrender. You can analyze their:

  • reach
  • impressions
  • replies
  • exits
  • taps forward
  • taps back

With this knowledge, you can create the most interesting and engaging Stories!

Start analyzing your Instagram performance


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