Let me guess, you’ve just started working for a company as a social media manager and you need access to their Instagram business page. It was easier to create a business account for yourself, but now you have to add a pre-existing account. Trust us, though, it’s not as difficult as it might seem.

In this article, we’ll quickly show you how you can add a business account to your Instagram application and to successfully create a business Instagram page – in just 3 steps.

Create an Instagram business page through the app

When you want to manage multiple Instagram accounts on your mobile phone, you need to add them to your mobile app. Basically, all you have to do is:

  1. Open your profile on Instagram.
  2. Click Settings and find Add or Switch accounts.
  3. Now log in to your business account.

Now you can manage both from your phone, and whenever you want to switch profiles, just double-tap your profile pic in the bottom-right corner. This will help you to quickly switch between all the profiles you’re managing.

Are you always going to be stuck using the Instagram app on your phone? Well, not quite. It’s worth mentioning that you can use Facebook’s Creator Studio or a third-party app like Sotrender to check all of your Instagram Insights from a desktop. Other than that, you can also respond to your DMs from Instagram over Facebook’s Inbox (provided that you have access to the company’s Facebook Page).

How you choose to handle the company’s Instagram business account will be up to you. ?  You have plenty of options and resources readily available, both on Instagram’s platform and on our own Knowledge Base.

Start analyzing your Instagram performance

We hope that you can easily add the right profile to your phone now. Good luck with your new Instagram business page!

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