Personal brand in social media? We asked influencers how to do it right!

Are you familiar with our latest article about building your personal brand with Facebook and Twitter? If not, check that out first: Personal branding – role of social media in building one. If yes, we imagine that you’re eagerly waiting for the second part (that’s our hope, at least). We’re not going to keep you in suspense any […]

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You are your own brand.

Personal branding – role of social media in building one.

Personal branding is a term crossing the minds of more and more professionals… and worrying them too. Everyone seems to know it, yet there’s still so many questions surrounding it. Especially these days, when digital platforms are growing at such a quick pace and the competition is stronger than ever. So what is personal branding […]

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How Does the Facebook Algorithm Work?

The Facebook algorithm. Did you get a chill down your spine from reading that? Every marketer does, seeing those two words. The infamous algorithm is the informal king of Facebook. It ultimately decides which posts users see in their feeds. But is it truly as scary as people think? Let’s find out!

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