Christmas in the air – Get prepared on social media! Tips & tricks for the holiday season.

Yay! Christmas is coming! Everywhere you look you can see the lights, the trees, and the ads – and you might even have had a Christmas e-commerce and marketing fever for a good month now. All these Black Fridays have you feeling powerless and you don’t know what to do for the final lap before Christmas. We know the feeling. So check out our article and discover some useful tips & tricks for your brand, just before the big day.

People go crazy about everything Christmas. Why is it so important for marketing? 

  • Consumer’s buying decisions are taken more lightly. Let’s face it: Christmas is about buying and giving, right? And it doesn’t matter if you just started – now is the time when people shop the most.
  • People are looking for inspiration on social media platforms. According to Crowdtap, in 2014 around 64% of shoppers used social media to find inspiration for purchases, with Facebook influencing gift purchases at the highest rate of 59%.



  • E-commerce and social media work wonders together – be prepared for it!
  • Great pre-Christmas communication can impact your post-Christmas brand loyalty – simply collect leads and build relations now to expand them further!
  • All adverts and campaigns are touching – melting consumer hearts and sometimes wallets.

Christmas is a magical time and one of the most important periods not only for e-commerce, but for the whole world of marketing as well.

“‘Tis the season to be jolly”… and to notice bigger spending, revenue, and interaction. That’s the main reason for marketers to take control of intense marketing activities during this time. And since there are tons of Christmas ads and campaigns around, they need to be near-perfect to stand out from the crowd.

Do you think you overslept this year? Well, there’s still some hope for you – and still room for improvement! Check out what, for instance, you could do to make the most of the last week before Christmas:

  • It is the perfect time to relate to what people are feeling. Ask your audience about their most memorable Christmas moments or the best parts of Christmas. People like sharing stories, especially when it’s Christmas time. You can do this in many ways – by asking questions and making comparisons, gifs, or short video clips.


  • Go and feel the Christmas spirit! Add some decorations to your posts, cover photo, avatar, or even your website. Let your audience know that you feel Christmas in the air too.
  • Create special, unique, and limited Christmas offers and content. Feeling exclusive drives your fans crazy – not only in this festive season.
  • Christmas is a time of sharing & giving. Give some money to Charity or arrange a giveaway and announce it on your fanpage. And it’s not only for the attention – it’s for good causes and for sprinkling kindness wherever you can (and for encouraging others to do the same). But only if you’re really going to do it. The potential reach is only a side effect. If you run a local business, consider preparing a similar activity offline, though still communicating it online.


  • Use call to action communication & buttons & banners – even if it seems far too obvious! In a World overloaded with marketing campaigns, especially at this time, people may not notice yours – that’s why you need to hold their hand and take them there!
  • Delivery can be a blessing or a curse at Christmas time, so consider offering your customers some e-vouchers instead. No package, no delivery, no mess, no delay, no disappointment. Everyone is happy!
  • Christmas presents for business partners are an essential part of communication and just a nice way of saying “thank you for this year”. Oops… someone forgot about gifts? E-vouchers or e-christmas cards may do the trick.
  • Check out our trends from December 2015 to see what posts and fanpages performed the best. A little piece of inspiration never hurts – but copying does! Watching trends also helps you not to copy your competitors. That would be the woooorst…



  • Christmas is the time of travelling. Turn your potential customers into loyal clients with one trick – give them content they could familiarize with during travelling. No one said about writing the next Harry Potter book – but maybe you could prepare a few pages at a glance?
  • Let your employees show some magic (and a human face)! Involve them in some charity activities, a Christmas party or at least a few nice Christmassy photos. Don’t forget to share the joy on social media!
  • Schedule some posts before you’ll be “driving home for Christmas”… and prepare all of the essential materials – copy, graphics, cover photos or Christmas wishes. Don’t leave it until the very last minute.

  • Watch your competitors, don’t make their mistakes and don’t copy what they are doing. Sotrender may come in handy more than ever now!
  • Be prepared for intensive customer service over the Christmas period. It means more messages, fans’ posts, but also possible complaints. Keeping an eye on them and monitoring your brand’s social media presence is essential.
  • ‘Tis the season to be… aware of the fact that all of your competitors will try their best to stand out. Make the most of various, advanced Facebook posts & ads possibilities, using options such as:

    – detailed targeting via choosing several sets of interests
custom audience – to catch your customers on Facebook
look-a-like audience – to find some new potential customers on Facebook
call-to-action buttons – adding “Shop now” to Link Ads helps them convert better
Canvas – for interesting presentation of your product or service
Carousel – to present a one-of-a-kind mini-catalogue with your products
short videos – as people love watching and sharing attractive video content

  • After all is said and done… sit back and relax, but only for a while. Then measure the effects of your Christmas campaign, compare with competitors and make some conclusions for the next year. You should never stop learning!

It is better to be late than never – so start turning your inspiration into action, as it speaks louder than words!

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