Top 18 Online Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business In 2023

Every business today experiences cut-throat competition. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other businesses with products/services that are very similar to yours. In such a scenario, standing out among competitors and getting the right exposure becomes very important. This is where the perfect marketing plan pays off.

Being a marketer myself, I am familiar with tips, hacks, and tools that contribute to crafting the perfect marketing campaign. In this particular article, I am going to compile a list of my top favorite (tried and tested) marketing tools that every small, medium and large business should use.

Whether you’re a startup founder or a member of a large enterprise, here are the tools to use to create and boost your marketing campaign.

Here you go!

ProofHub for Project Management

Proofhub dashboard

“The one place for all your projects and team collaboration.”

What does ProofHub do?

ProofHub is a project management and collaboration platform that brings together all the tools a growing team or business needs. With ProofHub, you can manage everything from planning and collaborating to tracking and delivering a project on time. The key features of this software solution include Discussions, Chats, Announcements, @Mention, Gantt charts, Kanban board, Task lists, and task tracker, Calendar view, Milestones, Timesheets, Multiple timers, Custom reports, Custom roles, API, and more. Additionally, it supports integration with Google Calendar, iCal, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

How much does ProofHub cost?
ProofHub Essential: $45 /month billed annually
ProofHub Ultimate Control: $89 /month billed annually

Sotrender for Social Media Analytics and Reporting

sotrender comparison

“Discover insights that will drive your social growth.”

What does Sotrender do?

Sotrender is a social media analytics application that enables you to derive hidden social insights and actionable analytics within minutes. The information you get using it enables you to optimize social media, measure ROI on social media, and stay ahead of your competition. Sotrender allows you to simplify reporting and easily create custom reports to fit your specific needs.

For a modern marketer, data is everything that’s why at Sotrender one can:

  • monitor the organic social media results, and KPIs like reach, impressions and engagement,
  • understand content performance, audience behavior and preferences,
  • track brand’s social media ad results, and metrics like CPC, CPM, CPR,
  • monitor how the active Facebook and Instagram campaigns are doing, and if they are within the budget,
  • keep an eye on competitors’ organic, as well as paid, performance, to understand their strategy.
ads best results

“Discover insights that will drive your social growth.”

How much does Sotrender cost?
Starter: starts at $69/month
Growth: starts at $129/month
Premium: starts at $229/month (Sotrender Ads included)
Ultimate: starts at $389/month (Sotrender Ads included)

Analyze your social media performance

Brand24 for Online Monitoring


“Online reputation management made easy.”

What does Brand24 do?

Brand24 is a simple and reliable media monitoring solution. Thousands of companies of all sizes use Brand24 to identify and analyze online conversations about their products, brands, and competitors. Brand24 empowers its users to get customer insights, engage communities, identify sales leads, improve social customer service, reach out to brand ambassadors, and monitor competition.

How much does Brand24 cost?
Individual: $59 per month
Team: $119 per month
Pro: $179 per month
Enterprise: $299 per month

Sender for Email and SMS Marketing

Sender for Email and SMS Marketing

What does Sender do?

Sender is an email and text marketing platform businesses use to create and send engaging email and SMS messages. The software offers many powerful features at an affordable price, making it stand out from other marketing platforms. With its Free Forever plan, you can set up email automation workflows like abandoned cart, welcome, and reminders that engage subscribers and boost your sales. You can also use its drag-and-drop email builder and responsive templates to create professional emails in minutes. Not to mention, its segmentation and personalization features help you group recipients accordingly so you can send relevant messages to them.

How much does Sender cost?
Free Forever: $0 per month
Standard: $15 per month
Professional: $29 per month
Enterprise: Custom Price

SendX for Email Marketing


“SendX makes it easy to be a responsible email marketer”

What does SendX do?

SendX is an email marketing platform that is used by brands to send promotional emails, newsletters, and bulk emails (in millions!)SendX has a lot of features that make it a great choice for email marketing. First, it has high email deliverability. This means that your emails are more likely to reach the recipient’s inbox than with other platforms. Second, it is very easy to use. You don’t need any technical knowledge to create beautiful emails with SendX. Finally, it is very affordable. You can get started with SendX for as little as $7.49/month.

How much does SendX cost?
For 1000 subscribers: $7.49/month
For 10,000 subscribers: $39.99/month 

PhotoADKing for Creating Graphic Designs Online


“Graphic Design Software For Any Media.”

What does PhotoADKing do?

PhotoADKing is an online graphic design tool that lets anyone, with or without experience, create stunning designs. The tool provides a variety of marketing assets, including a flyer maker, poster maker, logo creator, infographic creator, and more. PhotoADKing offers 1000+ templates that can be edited according to your needs. You can create any design with just a few clicks, save it, and share it on any media. You can also download it to print.

How much does PhotoADKing cost?
PhotoADKing Starter: $4 / per person / per month
PhotoADKing Pro: $6 / per person / per month

Salesmate for Lead Generation

salesmate lead generation crm

What does Salesmate do?

Salesmate is a unified customer platform and a CRM for lead generation that offers result-driven features such as sales & marketing automation, analytics reports, lead generation, lead management, and many more.

It is an all-in-one solution to capture, prioritize, qualify, nurture and convert leads.

You can automate and streamline your entire lead generation and qualification process with robust features such as Web Forms, Live Chat, Marketing Automation, Lead Scoring, Email Automation, and Meeting Scheduler.

Moreover, Salesmate integrates with 700+ applications, so your team doesn’t have to switch between multiple platforms.

How much Salesmate cost?
Starter: $12 per user / month
Growth: $24 per user /month
Boost: $40 per user / month
Enterprise – Custom pricing

Adobe Express for social designs

adobe express

What does Adobe Express do?

Adobe Express is an all in one designer tool that includes thousands of beautiful templates, assets for social media content, logos, and more. You can easily remove backgrounds, create logos, fonts and other brand elements, animate text and apply effects of the level of Adobe Photoshop and scale material for every social media platform with only a few touches.

How much does Adobe Express cost?
Basic: Free
Premium: $9.99

Serpstat for SEO analysis

serpstat seo tool

Serpstat for SEO analysis

What does Serpstat do?

Serpstat is the go-to platform to achieve search marketing goals. Customers use Serpstat to reduce the time on common search marketing tasks, cut down on repetitive, manual work and get more clients from search.

The common use cases are: competitors and backlinks research, keywords analysis and grouping for content optimization, organic and paid positions tracking, website issues analysis and resolution.

The platform also provides additional tools like white-label, team management, and API access for advanced users. Manuals, tutorials, online support, and customer success come at no additional cost.

Search marketing newcomers and pros are already on board. From SMBs and freelancers to enterprise in-house teams and agencies, including iProspect, Boosmart, Uber, Shopify, Deloitte, Philips, NewsCred, Samsung etc.

How much does Serpstat cost?
Lite: $69/month
Standard: $149/month
Advanced: $299/month
Enterprise: $499/month

Omnisend for Ecommerce Marketing Automation

omnisend marketing tool

What does Omnisend do?

Omnisend is a marketing automation platform that allowed you to send automated emails, SMS, and push notifications quickly and easily. Equipped with a visual drag-and-drop builder plus tons of life-cycle critical templates to get you started, implementing marketing automation is painless.

Aside from easy-to-use automation, Omnisend makes email creation simple with the same visual builder. Pop-ups, landing pages, forms, and a gamified Wheel of Fortune sign-up form—all are created simply and come with 100% customizable templates for quick start needs. Sales and campaign reporting, sync with Google and Facebook for retargeting ads, and smart segmentation for better targeting, Omnisend does it all with ease.

How much does Omnisend cost for marketing automation?
Basic Email Marketing: Free
Standard: Starts at $16/month (includes automation)
Pro: Starts at $99/month (includes free SMS credits)
Enterprise: Custom

Ahrefs for Keyword Research

Ahrefs overview

“Tools to grow your search traffic, research your competitors and monitor your niche.”

What does Ahrefs do?

Ahrefs is a popular digital marketing analysis tool. With Ahrefs, you can create audit reports, backlink analysis, URL rankings, competitive analysis and more with a few clicks. A majority of businesses use this tool to analyze competitor keywords, SEO backlink analysis, and website analysis.

How much does Ahrefs cost?
Lite: $990 /year
Standard: $1,790 /year
Advanced: $3,990 /year
Agency: $9,990 /year

Crazy Egg for Website Optimization

Crazy Egg dashboard

“Make your website better. Instantly.”

What does Crazy Egg do?

Crazy Egg is a website optimization tool that provides in-depth insights into customer behavior on your website. It gives you ultimate control over your business website and is extremely easy-to-use. If you’re looking for a highly innovative website analyzer and optimization software, Crazy Egg would be a great choice.

How much does Crazy Egg cost?
Basic: $24 /month
Standard: $49 /month
Plus: $99 /month
Pro: $249 /month
Custom: Available by quote

HubSpot for Content Marketing

HubSpot marketing landing pages

“There’s a better way to grow.”

What does HubSpot do?

HubSpot is a popular CMS and marketing automation platform that makes it easier for businesses to reach and engage their target audience. There are features in HubSpot that can be used to build a content marketing campaign that actually makes people, basically targeted audience, interested in your products/services.

How much does HubSpot cost?
Starter: Starts at $35 per month
Professional: Starts at $560 per month
Enterprise: Starts at $2,240 per month

Wistia for Video Marketing

Wistia dashboard

“Build your brand with binge-worthy content.”

What does Wistia do?

Wistia is a video hosting service that works for businesses from various scales and industries. Wistia aims to help businesses increase brand awareness and generate new, engaged leads by creating and promoting customized videos matching the overall brand of the business. Additionally, Wistia ensures seamless integration with an array of third-party applications that can make your online marketing efforts stronger.

How much does Wistia cost?
Free: $0 /month
Pro: $99 /month
Advanced: Available by quote

VEED.IO for online video editing

What does VEED.IO do?

VEED.IO is a video editing software equipped with a built-in video trimmer and converter that lets you create professional-looking videos for any purpose with just a few clicks! You have the option to add effects or transitions that will make your content pop out in an engaging way on all devices – whether it be mobile phone screen size versus desktop computer monitor resolution.

How much does VEED.IO cost?

Free: with limited features
Basic: $12/month billed annually
Pro: $24/month billed annually

Canva for Drag-And-Drop Designing

Canva get started page

“Design anything. Publish anywhere.”

What does Canva do?

Canva is a simple design platform that serves the needs of businesses, organizations, and individual professionals alike. With Canva, you get the tools to create amazing and professional quality graphic designs with simple drag and drop. This online design solution also offers a vast collection of photographs, graphics, and fonts that make creating stunning designs and visuals a breeze.

How much does Canva cost?
Canva Pro: $12.95 /team member /month
Canva for Enterprise: $30.00 /team member /month

Buffer for Social Media Scheduling

Buffer dashboard

“Build your audience and grow your brand on social media.”

What does Buffer do?

Buffer is an internet-based app designed to simplify managing content across all social media platforms. The app enables your business to create, schedule, and share posts from all your social media accounts at once. It also makes it convenient for you to access important design tools like WordPress, Chrome, RSS readers, etc within one tool.

How much does Buffer cost?
Pro: $15/month
Premium: $65/month
Business: $99/month

BuzzSumo for Influencer Marketing

Buzzsumo heading

“Collaborate with the influencers who matter.”

What does BuzzSumo do?

BuzzSumo is a popular tool among marketers. BuzzSumo search tool enables you to amplify your business’s reach by finding the most engaging accounts relevant to your brand or niche. Using this platform, you can engage with potential influencers and use their social network to reach your target audience in a more impactful way.

How much does BuzzSumo cost?
Pro: $99 /month
Plus: $179 /month
Large: $299 /month
Enterprise: $ 499+ /month

MailChimp for Email Marketing

mailchimp logo

“Launch your brand with confidence.”

What does MailChimp do?

MailChimp is one of the email marketing tools designed to fit the needs of both small enterprises and big businesses. It enables its users to effectively use email to engage and follow up with customers, market products/services with greater accuracy, and increase conversion rate. The solution is easy to use and extremely affordable. With MailChimp, you can create, execute, and analyze ad and email marketing campaigns like never before.

How much does MailChimp cost?
Free: $0
Essentials: Starting at $9.99 a month
Standard: Starting at $14.99 a month
Premium: Starting at $ 299.00 a month

Newoldstamp for Email Signature Marketing

Newoldstamp overview of tool

What does Newoldstamp do?

Newoldstamp is an email signature marketing platform that helps to standardize email sign-offs across the whole organization and turn business correspondence into an effective marketing channel. By including clickable links and interactive buttons to your business communication, you can drive additional traffic to your website or landing page, upsell products and announce online and offline events.

How much does Newoldstamp cost?
Free: 0$
Small business: starting from $2 a month per signature
Corporate: starting from $0.99 a month per signature

Boost your online presence with one of these marketing tools

Marketing stands above everything else in today’s business world. And using the right online marketing tools to plan, create, analyze, or evaluate your marketing campaign can help you amplify the overall impact. With this post, I’ve made an attempt to make you familiar with what kind of online marketing tools would work best to boost business and how you can use them to your business’s advantage.

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