Keeping up with the latest social media trends and apps is a roller coaster for every marketer, admit it. Some of these apps are here to stay, and TikTok marketing can help us navigate the chaotic world of social media campaigns.

Every now and then there is a new app, like TikTok or Clubhouse, and just when you think you’ve got it all figured out – something new and different emerges and starts trending. 

And then, you’re back to square one. 

Trying to figure out what drives this new generation of social media users is a relentless and ongoing process. 

But still, it is a process from which you can learn a lot of things about the new ways of consuming and creating content.

Reading this article, you’ll figure out what TikTok trends you can use to improve your social media marketing strategy and how to use them.

TikTok Marketing Lesson 1: Keeping Up With The Trends

When you go to a local cafe and try to hear what people are talking about, you’ll hear the same topics that are trending on social media. 

You could try to forecast a trend, but actually, they come and go in inexplicable ways, unless the trends are about an event that is shaking up the public opinion. When the affair regarding The Ellen DeGeneres Show reached the fans in 2020, it was more than expected for the stats of Ellen-related content to go over the roof.

Some experts are trying to predict future trends in video marketing. Video content is more engaging for social media users, thus these upcoming trends can have a big impact on your next campaign.

Video trends research shows how young people will use social media platforms, what will be the topics they are most interested in, etc. You should stay on top of those predictions and try to decide for yourself whether something is going to take or not. 

As we move forward, there are new cutting-edge technologies that can help you learn about the upcoming trends. For example, Sotrender’s AI models can be used to scan what users are talking about on social media, extract these topics via topic modeling, and use this information to create powerful strategies for your brand.

And when you do see something starting trending, you have a small window to benefit from it. People can get annoyed quite fast if they see too many posts about the same topic.

You need to be fast, amongst the first ones to post about a certain topic, and the key factor is to be original. One of the coolest ways to promote your brand is to have a personal approach. For example, @anaocto found a unique way to respond to the newest music trends on TikTok, rollerskating her way to over 2 million followers.

tiktok marketing marc jacobs Ana Octo

Sometimes, even spending time proofreading the text you want to post, designing your content, and editing it might mean that the moment is gone and you are too late. That means that your content isn’t relevant anymore and you won’t get the response you wanted. 

The too-late-content can even backfire on you – people can decide not to follow you anymore if they get fed up with the content on the same topic.

It’s better to “miss” a trend than to be the one post that’s the last straw when your followers get annoyed and decide to stop following anyone who posts on that topic again.

Just as in many other areas, timing is everything. And TikTok influencers follow the trends and they’re on top of their game when it comes to posting at the right moment. 

If you do post at the right moment, people will start looking for content like yours and you’ll even reach a new audience.

Lesson 2: Drive Social Media Engagement

When your followers engage with your social channels, the social media algorithm will rank you higher and you’ll be more visible. 

Luckily, TikTok users are eager to create new content and even shy people on this platform feel free to show their creative sides.

Engage your audience by challenging them to create fun and creative social media content using your new products or a new feature you are trying to incorporate in your product. 

You can do that by creating a challenge, a competition, introducing a new hashtag, asking your audience what they think or how they feel about something, or you can get even more creative and think about an innovative way of engaging your audience.

For example, #pepsicanbalance was a branded challenge that got over 12 million views, and even some celebrities got on board. When the idea is fun and simple, you will be surprised how easy it is for it to stick and go viral.

tiktok marketing pepsican balance

Once the followers-generated content starts pouring into your profile, make sure to share and promote it.

Lesson 3: Be Open To Trying New Things

If you see that you are missing out on trends because of your rigid content sharing procedure, or that, because of rapid changes in trends, your strategies don’t work anymore, you will need to change something about how you do things.

You might consider rebranding, making a profile on a new platform, or changing your decision-making process, becoming more flexible and agile.

Clinging on to the same rules will surely work on the target audience you have already reached (because you did your research before making a campaign), but you might be missing out on potential new clients and opportunities for higher conversion rates and ROI.

Be open to explore and try out new methods, territories, topics, and features. While doing that, listen to what your audience has to say in their comments, posts, and proposals. Maybe you’ll find inspiration right there.

Lesson 4: Experiment And Stay Innovative

There is no way of telling whether an experiment will be a success or not, but you’ll surely be the first to set a trend if you stay creative, innovative, and experiment with your content. 

Since you don’t know if your awesomely new and out-of-character idea will work, try to realize it in a small scope campaign. 

And don’t hang on to only one idea, you can launch and test hundreds of ideas on TikTok and other social media platforms only to find the one that will get viral.

Implement A/B testing into your campaigns to find out what works the best. 

Lesson 5: Stay Consistent And Persistent

It was unusual for people to become successful or well-known overnight before TikTok. It’s easier for your content to go viral than it was before, but you need to stay consistent with making good content for your audience to stay involved.

The key to being successful is to do what you do consistently – in this case, stay active on social media platforms. That way, you’ll slowly but continually grow your audience.

I know it can be frustrating and exhausting reaching a new audience, especially when you have to start by scratch on a new platform, but trust me – becoming viral on a new social media platform isn’t impossible. 

Just as you researched and figured out your first target audience, you should do that when you want to make a profile on a new social media, like TikTok. 

Every platform has a slightly different audience that will respond to slightly different content. Do your research first (find out who the people on the platform are, when are they active, what kind of content they like, and what topics drive their content, etc.) and then decide on your campaign.

And then, stay active. Over time, your follower’s base will surely increase. 

@charlidamelio, a TikTok best-ranked influencer at the moment, is gaining over 100,000 followers each time she posts. With over 121 million dedicated viewers, she still posts every two days, and sometimes even twice a day.

social blade statistics charli d'amelio

Charli D’Amelio’s Social Blade statistics

Lesson 6: Share Your Vulnerabilities

TikTok users come from all around the world, from different cultures and nationalities, but they do have something in common – they are open about their struggles, especially when COVID-19 lockdowns started.

The content that “works” the best is the one that is relatable to young people everywhere. 

The relatable content usually means being honest, open, and sharing both the good things happening to you, but also the bad stuff.

Sharing your vulnerabilities will show your audience that you are just like them and you’ll connect with them more easily and in a more profound way.

During the lockdown, both creators, producers, and the audience were facing the same challenges. A popular creator and musician, Drake, has used this situation to reach the very top of the trending list in 2020.

Besides using TikTok to share his new music, he opened up to the platform users and showed that he shares their pain. This brought him closer to the general audience, and his stats were higher than ever.

Lesson 7: Communication Is The Key

Being an influencer on TikTok doesn’t only mean that you need to post awesome content every day. 

Actually, you have to communicate with your audience all the time. Consider being successful on social media platforms as a full-time job. 

You have to stay responsive and react fast. Otherwise, other your competition brands will win your audience over. 

That doesn’t mean that you have to post something every day. You can also stay active by answering comments, commenting on other people’s content, liking, sharing, exploring, etc.

Twin Peak’s star, Kyle Maclachlan, decided to get on TikTok and interact with his fans. He’s been responding to his followers’ comments and he sent out personalized TikTok’s to his fans on Valentine’s day.

@kyle_maclachlanSending this to @jordynnmaureen  and your husband! 💌 ##valentinesday♬ Campfire – Charmer & Klay

He gives them a peek into his personal life by uploading content with his dog, while cooking and gardening, and even while working out. Overall, he has put out enough content that makes it 

Lesson 8: Stay Visual And Tell Stories

It’s all about videos on TikTok. And the trend is spreading.

Video marketing statistics 2021 showed that 72% of people said that videos reduced their stress levels during the pandemic and 59% of consumers chose to watch entertaining videos rather than informational or educational content (26%), relatable stories (9%), and ads (only 1%).

So, how can you create engaging videos?

It’s all about the story and a lot less about the video quality. Here is how to find a good story for your social media videos:

  1. Find pain points for your audience that you can connect to. Find out what their problems and issues are.
  2. Think about a solution and the logical steps to get to the solution. Guide your audience through the steps.
  3. Use the tools social media gives you. Those are usually videos, images, text, some interactive buttons, stickers, etc. Don’t use everything that is given to you, but try to find a perfect balance so your message is communicated in the best possible way.

Lesson 9: Influencer Marketing Is Still An Awesome Way To Reach Your Audience

So, you want to generate more leads and especially more conversions. Say no more.

The 40 biggest Influencers on TikTok are young and have over 10 million followers who trust them and their choices. 

The most important thing is that those influencers see a great B2B opportunity in working with brands to earn extra money. 

Besides other types of TikTok advertising, influencer marketing is a great way to reach your audience in a more “organic” way. 

First, you need to find those influencers who share the same audience as your brand (or if you want to reach out to a new audience, find the influencers that attract them).

Then, make an offer you think they will hardly say no to. 

If you know that some of the TikTok influencers use your products, they might even give you a discount. Even if they don’t, it will be easier for the influencers to promote your products and affect their followers more honestly.

Making a long-term collaboration with a TikTok influencer can give you insights on what are the hot trends of the moment. 

Another great side of making these collaborations is that you will be working with a quite young celebrity, who has a new and fresh energy and motivation which is appealing to many people. 

For example, @tanzer used his reputation to feature Fortnite and Gfuel in a giveaway from his channel. These brands found their way to potential new customers, while @tanzer reached thousands of new followers within a single day.

@tanzerThis challenge is literally impossible.. 😅 #impossiblechallenge #challengevideo #fypシ♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

Lesson 10: Always Have Fun

I know it’s not possible to have fun ALL the time, but you shouldn’t forget about enjoyment, even when you’re stuck in KPIs, analytics, and other important processes.

As you saw, people love entertaining content, and they will feel as if you had fun while creating it. 

So, try to leave some space for fun, creativity, and playfulness in your everyday routine and working environment. Great ideas can come up when you relax and spend some time simply hanging out with your colleagues.

Being different and creative on TikTok is something you are almost obligated to be, but you won’t be able to achieve those things if you don’t loosen up a little bit and allow yourself to have fun.

Final thoughts on TikTok marketing

Even though these are lessons I acquired from TikTok, some of these rules we know of from the very beginning of the digital marketing era.

Nevertheless, these are all lessons you can soak in, think about them, and try to use them in your next social media campaign.

What you learn from TikTok can and should be applied to other social media platforms and the hardest part – being fresh, interesting, and innovative – can be used on an array of channels (not only social media).

So, stay open to try out new things, follow trends, have fun, and create original ideas. That’s your way to success!


Nina Petrov

Content Editor at Visme

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