Facebook Interest Graph – Know the Interests of Your Brand’s Fans

Facebook, as the biggest social media platform, has an immense amount of knowledge about the users and brands present on their portal. In the last 4 years, Sotrender has gathered several terabytes of data. Thanks to that data, we can answer one crucial question – what is interesting to fans of my brand? Our Facebook profile’s database, carefully built since 2011, now has over 44 thousand Facebook pages. With analyzing Facebook data, it is possible to check your Facebook fans interests concerning any profile or the whole industry.

How does it look in practice?

We’ll start with an example. Let’s say you’re working for Wojak, a Polish beer brand targeted at “real men”. You want to know what the interests of your target audience are, so that you can improve your social media communication and choose better content to publish.

If you work for a given brand, you know what it’s strategy is and can intepret the results correctly.

Intrest graph showing Facebook fans intrests of Wojak Page

Intrest graph showing intrests of fans of Wojak Facebook Page

This chart compares the number of engaged fans on both Facebook Pages (absolute) and the number of engaged fans on both pages in relation to the total number of people engaged on the given Page expressed in percentages, offering a informative glimpse into user behaviours. This kind of analysis may be used as a substitute for more expensive consumer surveys. Its flexibility and capabilites are almost unlimited. It’s also noteworthy that it is much faster than a consumer survey, and you’ll get the results after just few days.


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Flow of users between competitors Pages

We can go one step further and check what other Pages your fans interacted with (liked, commented, shared content, or posted on a Page). Using a network graph, you can now see how your fans react to your competition’s communication, and observe their flow between Pages. Be it additional information about brand strategy, exact overview of it’s competitors, sales data, or AC Nielsen market data, you’re able to determine who your main competitors are.

Facebook Fans Interests Graph - Wojak Page

Interest Graph – Wojak Page

As you can see on the chart, Audi and BMW have the biggest number of mutual users. That’s probably because these two brands compete in the same segment. There are also significant ties between them and the third German brand – Mercedes-Benz. In contrast, Peugeot and Citroen, as well as Nissan and Mazda, being French and Japanese brands respectively, don’t engage the same users as much as German car producers do.

There are more ways to use shared interest research. We have also checked both interests and users’ flow. We have analyzed several festivals for a beer brand interested in sponsoring such event. Moreover, we checked the potential of a given category of products, as well as surveyed which bloggers would be the best brand ambassadors.

Additional use of Interest Graph research

We can also use this data for improving our social media communication.

Again, we will start with an example. Let’s divide your communication into 4 areas:

  • product
  • lifestyle
  • daily
  • real-time marketing and direct respense to current events

For each group we can conduct an interest analysis. You can check what is interesting for users engaged in lifestyle posts on your Page, for example. Another possibility is to check what other Pages engage users who also engage in your product posts. Recently, we conducted an analysis for a cosmetics brand, and it turned out that its fans engaged themselves on a competitor’s Page quite often. The competitors intensely promoted a cosmetic from a very specific category. Our customer has a product from the same category in its portfolio, but never tried to communicate it on Facebook before. Based on our analysis, we could show how to improve communications, and what kind of posts and information will have an effect in bettering the engagement of users.


Interest analysis is a broad topic and it can be done from many different angles. If you have any ideas, such as what data might be of interst to agencies or to final clients, share them with us! In many cases, something that initially seems too difficult, is actually more than possible with our analysis. We are open to any kind of non-standard research.

Our database consists of data from the past 5 years and from  thousands of profiles – there is a lot of stuff to work with. To reitterate, this kind of research can serve as a substitute to customer surveys. Also, it is behavioral research as opposed to declarational research, meaning that it often gives more realistic results.

Prices of basic analyses start from 120 euros, and if you have any additional questions – feel free to contact us, we’re eager to help!

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