Jesus Daily wins with Obama – comparison with other pages

Some time ago we published a post concerning Jesus Daily which is the most interactive Facebok page on Facebook. Today we wanted to compare it with other pages including Christian, Islamic and commercial ones. One of the results it the fact that the key to success of Jesus Daily is publishing short and frequent posts without any hidden corporate message.

After publishing our first article about Jesus Daily, we got feedback that the numbers of activities on the page don’t seem so enourmous as we suggested so we decided to prove our point by comparing Jesus Daily with commercial Facebook pages such as Manchester United, Skol (Brazilian beer) and BMW, other Christian pages and its direct competitors, Islamic pages “اجعل صفحة النبي رقم 1 على الفيس” and others. Jesus Daily always has the highest Interactivity Index, i.e. a collective, weighted rate of all activities performed within a Facebook page.

Jesus Daily vs Facebook globally

On the chart below we present the ranking of the most interactive pages on Facebook:


Figure 1: The most interactive pages on Facebook

Taking into consideration how much money is being spent on social media marketing, it’s surprising that there are no commercial pages in this ranking. The list of most interactive Facebook pages is full of  pages connected with religion, ideologies, humour and specific communities.

Commercial pages don’t keep up with Jesus

However, there are a few commercial Facebook pages that can be compared with Jesus Daily to show how big this page really is. We divided commercial pages into two groups – those connected with a brand (in broad meaning) and those connected with celebrities. Let’s take a look on a chart comparing Jesus Daily with brands:


Figure 2: The most interactive commercial pages on Facebook

Since this is the ranking of the top Facebook pages, you can find here a page devoted to clothing “Yo Amo Los Zapatos” and Facebook page of Skol – the most popular beer in Brazil. As you can see, Jesus Daily is over 4 times more interactive than Manchester United ranked on the second place in the ranking. Even if we take into consideration the average Interactivity Index per post, JD is still way better than any other Facebook page. Below we present the ranking showing similar comparison but in this case with pages of celebrities:


Figure 3: The most interactive personal pages on Facebook

The arabic Facebook page is a profile of Sheikh Mahmoud al-Masri. In this ranking Jesus appears to be almost 6 times more popular than Barack Obama, but Cristiano Ronaldo and Vin Diesel had on average more interactive posts because they published less of them. As you can see, the difference between Jesus Daily and commercial pages is enormous and we can say that there is no real competitor for JD. However, it’s posts tend to beg for likes, comments and shares with short and simply messages. Let’s see examples:

Examples of posts on Jesus Daily

Figure 4: Examples of posts from Jesus Daily page

This type of content is barely used by any administrator of a commercial profile, because in general the goals of a company are slightly different. Altough the approach of Jesus Daily’s administrator has its limitations, apparently it is successful – it increases the EdgeRank of a post and reaches many people. As we once showed on our blog, through analysis of Facebook Insights, we discovered that comments and to a lesser extent also likes have powerful impact on posts’ reach through the increase of EdgeRank.

In case of commercial pages, the administrators are forced to attract the audience by presenting the information on specific topic or announcing new offers and promotions. As you can see below, posts surely should be interesting, but which is even more important – they should relate to a brand or a product:

Examples of interesting posts on commercial fanpages

Figure 5: Examples of postrs from BMW and Skol pages

The idea that stands behind Jesus Daily Facebook page is to attract attention, but without selling anything to anyone. The main goal of social media marketer is the conversion – from clicking like to buying things. On this path there is not much place for posts begging for likes, but if used wisely, they can also be beneficial for the brand. However, this requires specific analysis of a Facebook page – if you need statistics for your page sign up for free trial or contact us for customized analysis.

Comparison with Islamic and other Christian pages

Let’s move on to another part of this article – comparison of the Facebook page of Jesus Daily with other Christian pages. One may say that Jesus Daily is so interactive, because every page of that kind is – but that’s not true:


Figure 6: Jesus Daily in comparison with other Christian pages

We have chosen only top Facebook pages, but JD still remains unbeaten. On the last chart we want to presented, we included Islamic pages – page focusing on Muhammad, one about Koran and page concerning Islam in general:

Figure 7: Jesus Daily in comparison with the most interactive Islamic fanpages

Figure 7: Jesus Daily in comparison with the most interactive Islamic pages

In terms of interactivity Jesus Daily is much more popular. It may be an effect of various factors, but the figures included in this analysis prove that thanks to social media strategy basing on frequent simple post, Jesus Daily is really the most interactive Facebook page on Facebook.

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