Jesus Daily – best fanpage ever!

Sotrender Research Team would like to present a compact analysis of a social media marketer dream page – Jesus Daily – most interactive page on Facebook ever. Average sum of activities that it gained in February every day was over 1.7 M! If you want to find out how to engage so many users, gather thousands from many nations and become even more interactive than a whole country – keep reading.

Number of fans of Jesus Daily equals 60 times the total number of Facebook users in Madagascar.  Interactivity Index, i.e. a collective, weighted rate of all activities within one fanpage, of Jesus Daily in February was 35% bigger than the total sum of Interactivity Index of all pages in Poland. Jesus Daily itself is like a medium country, whose all citizens engaged only on one page.

Jesus Daily’s local fans – are there any other users than Americans?

Let’s take a look on local fans of this page. Below you can see the figure, that shows how many fans from each country Jesus Daily has:

Jesus Daily's local fans.

20 countries from around the world are reperesented on Jesus Daily with over 100 thousand fans.

The factors of success

First thing that comes to mind of a social media marketer is obviously how to get such a great response and engage such a big audience – the answer is simple: photographs with call to action.  As you can see on the piechart below Jesus Daily’s page administrator used mostly photographs.

Jesus Daily's post types.

Posts usually come with a call to action inviting to writing a short comment, liking or sharing. Sometimes these posts contain a short christian message, but each one of them is short.

Top content on Jesus Daily

We would also like to give you examples of top 5 most interactive posts in February:

Fifth most interactive post on Jesus Daily in February

5th place: 208 611 likes, 34 634 comments and
53 125 shares – Interactivity Index: 1 197 147

Fourth most interactive post on Jesus Daily in February

4th place: 258 045 likes, 6 623 comments and
60 579 shares – Interactivity Index: 1 253 801

Third most interactive post on Jesus Daily in February

3rd place: 211 995 likes, 5 011 comments and
80 337 shares – Interactivity Index 1 517 431

Second most interactive post on Jesus Daily in February

2nd place: 490 626 likes, 230 854 comments and
26 641 shares – Interactivity Index: 1 840 298

Most interactive post on Jesus Daily in February

1st place: 166 359 likes, 12 290 comments and
152 243 shares – Interactivity Index: 2 651 407

If you need an analysis of content on your page or would like to optimize your social media marketing activity – sign up for 14-day free trial or contact us. And remember to check out our blog regularly to find out more interesting and usefull analysis – soon we will post the ranking of most interactive pages on Facebook and top content of all times.

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