When you’re thinking about advertising on Facebook, you could think about three models (click to go to specific sections):

  1. Managing by yourself
  2. Hiring a freelancer
  3. Hiring an agency

All three solutions will have positive and negative sides and balance of those should help to make the right decision for you and your business.

1st Solution – managing by yourself:

+ No extra costs

+ No time spend on contacts with someone

+ Full control on creations and budget

+ Possibility of learning new stuff

– You’re spending time that you could spend on something more important

– You need to learn Facebook ad system and follow all changes

– You probably will not know and use all possible ways of optimization

– It’s easy to give this task a low priority

Managing ads on your own is best solution for small campaigns – when budget is very limited, you’re using only one/two ad formats and overall activity will be rather short.

2nd Solution – hiring a freelancer:

+Cheaper than agency

+More flexible on price and cooperation model

+Know advertising system already and can manage bigger activity

– Not always can give you an invoice

– Can be more tricky to find someone worth to trust

– You still need to control him

– It’s an extra cost

Hiring a freelancer make sense with middle size campaigns. Make sure that you will check his references and also his skills on few smaller campaigns – ask him to present exact plan and results after flight.

3rd Solution – hiring an agency:

+ There is a big choice and you can easily check their reputation

+ They’re using external tools so your ads can be cheaper, better targeted and you can nicer or more precize reports

+ They already have experience so cooperation should be pretty easy

+ Managing campaigns can be done together with other activities – which again can be easier for you and can give some discounts

+ They can guarantee you some results (not all agencies and depends on a model that they’re working in)

+ Easy contact with (usually) one main person

+ More flexible on payments and invoices

– Additional costs are big

– Meetings might be time-consuming

– Multiple people that you will need to cooperate and talk

This solution is perfect for big campaigns when constant control and optimization is a key to success. When choosing agency it’s worth to see with whom they worked already, if they’re specialists in specific markets or types of campaigns, what tools they’re using, what kind of results they brought and how they can report to you.

Should I manage my ads on Facebook alone or should I hire an agency?

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