What Is a Social Media Dashboard and How Will You Benefit from Using It

We all already know that analyzing social media data is crucial. Such an analysis helps us find out our audience preferences, improve our content performance and as a result optimize our strategy. Sometimes data is all we need to impress our boss or client and prove our hard work.  

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New automatic Instagram reports

This fast-paced world doesn’t leave people with a lot of free time, so we’re making sure that Sotrender is as efficient and time-saving as possible. In order to reach this goal, we’ve introduced a new feature for preparing incredibly quick, professionally presented, and comprehensive PDF reports about Instagram profiles with just a few clicks, just […]

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How are we going to measure social media communication in 2015?

Companies and brands are carrying out more and more intense and professional activities in social media. It means that the way they look upon their results is also undergoing changes. Type of measurement that is precise and consistent with company’s objectives shows to what extent the company realizes its goals and how it copes with competitors. It […]

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Automatic reports

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