Facebook Insights and it’s terminology can often be hard to understand. But it becomes much easier when you know which metrics to follow (read more about finding metrics here).

Facebook metrics

Below are the metrics you should pay attention to on Facebook. But remember that the most important indicators of success are always changing. So don’t get too used to watching the same metrics.

  • Reach. This is how many people’s feeds your posts appear in. This includes the combination of your organic, paid, and viral reach.
  • Average Post clicks. The total amount of clicks your different activities gets.
  • Total Engagement. The total amount of activities on your posts.

These are the most essential metrics to pay attention to right now, but there are some other metrics to pay attention to as well:

  • To see your fan’s habits, check the ‘Posts’ tab. Here you will find info about your most engaging days of the week, reach from each day, and all your posts with specified metrics for them.
  • The ‘People’ tab. In this tab you can find out more about your fans – like the percentage of each sex among your fans, their age, and their country.
  • If your business is a local one you should check metrics in the ‘Local’ tab – it will help you get to know more people around your business and how to reach them.

Start analyzing your Facebook performance

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