From an SEO point of view, the title of your video is the most important descriptor of your content. Remember that every YouTube video has its own URL and YouTube creates meta tags for each video, based on different page elements – including the title.

So how do we create relevant and interesting titles for our video?

Conduct Keyword Research

Using tools like Google’s AdWords, keyword tools, or Wordtracker, identify what people are searching for around the keyword niche that your video occupies. For example, a good keyword for Sotrender is ‘social media analytics’ and ‘social media trends’. Most keyword tools, including AdWords, will suggest synonyms with higher search volumes. In every case with any keyword research, you are looking for the sweet spot between high search volume and low competition.

Attract attention

A well-written title can convince somebody to click on your video instead of scrolling past it – so be sure to write titles that pique people’s interest. Ask yourself the question: “Would I click on this title if I was scrolling through YouTube?” Just be sure that your title still describes what’s in the video – a clickbait title is not going to work well.

Start analyzing your YouTube performance

Keep it short and catchy

The title should be as short and direct as possible. Try to keep the title no longer than 60 characters – so that important information will not be cut off. Check to see how your titles appear in search results, lists of proposed content, and on mobile devices.


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