AI is one of the fastest growing industries and Sotrender is a part of it. Thanks to the grant from NCBR (The National Centre for Research and Development) we have created a Research & Development Team led by experienced scientists – Jakub Nowacki, PhD and Dominik Batorski, PhD (co-founder and Chief Scientist at Sotrender). We create innovative solutions for natural language processing, image recognition and social media analytics. That’s why our company was included in the State of AI in Poland report prepared by Digital Poland.

The State of AI industry in Poland

The ecosystem of AI industry in Poland is promising. 85% of all Polish AI companies are based in six biggest metropolitan areas. The leader is Warsaw, a home for 43% of AI companies. 23% have received VC funding, 70% have some clients from abroad. Two services most frequently provided by Polish AI companies are analytics, big data and business intelligence (43%), together with sales, marketing and advertising (37%). Polish AI companies use various technologies: the most popular  language is Python, with 87% of companies using it. 38% use R language, but its popularity is low among companies which introduced AI over the last two years (we use both of them). You can learn more about the Map of AI in Poland here.

Sotrender’s position in AI industry in Poland

Sotrender is a company founded by academic researchers from Warsaw University – Jan Zając, PhD, specializing in psychology of the internet an Dominik Batorski, PhD, whose fields of expertise include social networks. Since the early days, Sotrender maintains strong ties with the academic community – we have special discounts for scientists, frequently work with the best specialists in their fields (in Poland and abroad), teach at various courses at the best universities in Poland (which is, surprisingly, quite uncommon).

Our R&D Team consists of experienced researchers specializing in deep learning, text mining, image recognition, transfer learning and natural language processing. They work closely with our Data Processing and Analytics Teams providing them with the innovative solutions.

We also welcome in our company students and graduates. Some of our employees started here as interns and by now they are important part of our Team, becoming key employees or even Team Leaders.

If you’re a member of scientific community and want to employ at your research our social media and internet discourse analytics, write us at:, we’ll be more than happy to help you!



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