Sotrender is happy to present the 20th and 21st editions of Facebook Trends UK – the first report analyzing brand communication on Facebook in the UK. And now there’s a ton of new changes and improvements! Don’t worry, we still analysed reach, engagement, customer service, and content in integral industries. You can still find out who has the most fans or who is the most engaging. But now we’ve updated the layout, added more categories, introduced new metrics and graphs, and more! Read on and download the report to see what’s changed and to broaden your perspective on the social media landscape in the United Kingdom.

The report contains data for 20 different industries present on Facebook in the UK. These include: Alcohols, Arts and entertainment, Athletes, Beer, Consumer electronics, Cosmetics, Digital media, Energy, Football clubs, Football players, Internet portals, Music, Musicians, People, Restaurants, Shoes, Spirits, Sports, Sweets, and TV Programmes.

What’s new in Facebook Trends?

Since we recently updated our tool and website, we knew that we had to also update our trends. We’ve been working on them for awhile to make them sleeker, easier, and more informative. With those goals in mind, we introduced a few changes that we think you’ll love (almost) as much as us!

  1. New layout and navigation. The first thing you’ll notice is how the style of Facebook Trends now fits with our tool and the rest of our site. And with the new navigation, you’ll quickly find any category and see what’s been trending.
  2. More categories. As mentioned above, we almost doubled the amount of categories in trends, going from 11 industries to 20, and were still analyzing data to bring you even more! Be sure to check in soon to see what we added.
  3. Download and share every graph. Don’t need the whole report? That’s fine! Now, at the bottom of each graph, there’s now a button that lets you download that graph by itself. It’s that simple!
  4. New metrics and graphs. Now trends includes an analysis of Fans, Engagement, Engaged users, Customer care, and Best posts. And they all have a graph that presents that data beautifully.
  5. Report missing profiles. Notice that your profile is missing? Now at the bottom of every page, you can submit a missing profile to us and we’ll make sure to add it in the next trends report.

These changes make Facebook Trends easier to use and offers even more insights into the state of social media. Take advantage and see what our analyzed data can offer you can your social media performance.

Facebook Trends UK March 2017

Kicking off our new-and-improved trends is March 2017, and a lot has changed with some of the rankings. The most engaging profiles this March were StylishEve (1 960 359 engaged users), OnePlus (1 505 535 engaged users), and The Guardian (1 180 456 engaged users). Besides The Guardian, take note of how two relatively smaller brands were able to become the top engagers this month. If they can do it, so can you!

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Facebook Trends UK March 2017 - Engaged Users

Will your page crack the rankings? Or maybe it already has…

The profiles with the largest amount of fans are Adele (65 959 312 fans), Disney (50 871 273 fans), and Instagram (43 492 109 fans). They might seem like the best profiles to follow, but not necessarily. Just because they’re big and popular doesn’t mean they’re engaging their audience well or offering top notch customer service. Remember, number of fans isn’t everything in social media!

Facebook Trends UK March 2017 - Fans

Your number of fans is important, but focus more on your engagement!

The best customer service belongs to SportPesa Care (7 345 reactions), Virgin Media (2 785 reactions), and Tesco (2 433 reactions). SportPesa Care responded to a 87% percent of user posts, which might seem like a lot at first. But look at the rest of the ranking. A lot of profiles are just as reactive! As we’ve mentioned before, social media is an excellent place to offer customer service, especially on Facebook or Twitter. Keep it mind when planning your social media strategy.

Facebook Trends UK March 2017 - Customer Service

Do you use your Page for customer service? Try it out!

Facebook Trends UK April 2017

This April, there were a few profiles additions to Facebook Trends, but there were no changes around the top rankings for the month. In the number of fans ranking, Adele is still number one (65 937 336 fans). Next position is taken by BBC News which had 2% growth comparing to previous month. Profiles are always being added to our Trends report, helping to make them the most comprehensive reports you can get!

Facebook Trends UK April 2017

Adele still has the biggest audience on Facebook

The best post this month was made by Bored Panda with a video showing a unique method of painting, which got tons of attention from their community. Being a brand that prides itself in sharing unique and interesting content, Bored Panda always gets a lot of engagement. You might want to take some notes.

The second best post was made by Channel 4 News. Channel 4’s posts was a video post about the ‘algorithm’ for happiness as explained by Mo Gawdat, offering an interesting and easily applicable way to work towards happiness.

In fact, if you look at the rest of the best posts ranking, you’ll see that all the most successful posts are video posts. Video is the way of the future for social media, so if you want to keep up with the competition, you better start making some videos.

Facebook Trends UK April 2017

All video posts. A pattern you’ll want to take note of!

And that’s our summary for Facebook Trends UK for March and April. With all the new changes, they’ve only gotten more informative and encompassing. Was that not enough trends for you?

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