Facebook in the UK – Summary of 2016

This 2016 brought a lot of changes to Facebook (we also wrote separate post about it!), and it was interesting to see which brands managed to make it out on top. A lot of the successful brand this year were football clubs and music profiles. But there’s a lot more that happened this past year, like the most engaging posts, the most active brands, who was growing fastest, and other fun trivia! To bring you this data and info, we analysed reach, engagement, customer service, and content on Facebook in 11 integral industries.

The biggest pages in 2016 were Adele, Coldplay, and Arsenal. The rest of the ranking was filled out by other musicians or football clubs. These two groups are popular on most social media and have found ways of communicating with their fans that gets a real reaction out of them.

The growers

The Facebook profiles that grew by the biggest percent were Leicester City Football Club and Samsung UK. Both of them more than doubled their amount of fans this year. Leicester owes that to having a successful run this year, whereas Samsung continued to market their products well. Maybe not as successfully as Apple, but then again, who does?

Best posts of the year

The most engaging posts this year came from diverse brands, each succeeding in different ways. John Lewis takes the gold for most engaging  post on Facebook this year. Their post with a video of their Buster the Boxer ad campaign was a huge success, taking advantage of all the pre-Christmas excitement in November.

The second and third most successful post were made by Leicester City Football Club and Shell. LCFC made a post celebrating their victory, and Shell posted a collaborative music video that presented 7 energy saving methods of the future.

Want to see more fun facts and serious data? Then check out the full infographic below, courtesy of Pan Wizualny!

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