Negative Feedback – New Feature in Sotrender

Sometimes our activities in social media don’t bring out as many positive feelings and reactions from users as we might hope. In Sotrender, we know that it’s better to prevent a crisis rather than to solve one. That’s why we’re introducing a new function that will help you quickly react to your users negative feedback. We call it… well, negative feedback.

But firstly, let’s answer this question:

What is negative feedback?

We can divide negative feedback into the four following types:

  • Hiding a post,
  • Hiding all posts from a Page,
  • Reporting spam
  • Withdrawing likes from a Page.
How to find negative feedback feature

How to find negative feedback feature

All of these actions lead to a decrease in the number of users reached by your communication. It’s also a strong indicator that some of the content on your Page is considered unnecessary or annoying to fans. From now on, you can follow any negative feedback from your users and react to even the smallest sign of disappointment. You can find the feature in the Engagement section in the Sotrender tool. It is only available for profiles with data from Facebook Insights.

Negative feedback - Sotrender analytic tool

Negative feedback – Sotrender analytic tool


By looking at the charts, you can see exactly when your Fanpage had any negative feedback, and see all your posts from that day. This can greatly help you in finding the potential source of user disappointment. You can also see what kind of negative feedback you have on a daily basis.

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In the tool, you can see how many negative users you have on a daily basis, what percentage of your fans they constitute, and what posts you published on any given day. Knowing why your users hide your posts (or mark them as spam) will help you prepare significantly better content for your target audience and help increase your reach.

Lately, we’ve been introducing a few new features to our tool. For example, you can now prepare automatic reports for your YouTube and Twitter accounts. They’re simple, good-looking, and cover all crucial KPIs. Moreover, you can prepare them with just a few simple clicks.

Feel invited to try out our new feature!

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