Indonesia is a country composed of 17 508 islands. Therefore air travelling is the fastest way of moving people. This causes fierce competition among airlines which happens also in social media. Take a look at the infographic prepared by Joy Intermedia, our partner in the ASEAN region,  on the basis of the data collected by Sotrender and brand24.

For example Twitter is a platform widely used by various airlines all around the world. They use its functionalities both for promotion and customer service. However, as we witnessed in the last couple of days, it can also pose a serious threat. This happened in the case of US Airways which instead of dealing with disappointment of an unsatisfied client, reacted in a very terse and inappropriate way. After this incident, there have been opinions that all airlines should leave Twitter entirely. However, TechCrunch emphasized that it’s not easy to be an airline on Twitter whatsoever because it slowly gets reduced to a place for complaining about almost everyting. It makes social media promotion of airlines even more difficult not only on Twitter, but also in other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube.

Indonesian airlines in social media

We invite you to take a look at the infographic about social media activities of Indonesian airlines prepared on the basis of the data from Sotrender. We’re particularly proud of the network od coactivity and keywords cloud 🙂

Indonesian airlines in social media - infographic

Indonesian airlines in social media – infographic